Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sakuracon '10

Oh man I just got back from Sakuracon 2010.
My first Sakuracon and honestly I wasn't thinking I was able to go.
I'm sooo super tired but the past 4 days was so worth it.
Sakuracon is an Anime convention in Seattle Washington which is a 4 hour drive away from here.
I have a headache now so please forgive me if I forget anything.

I'm gonna start off with what went wrong and then work my way up to the awesomeness

I saw the most amazing cosplayers there EVER
Unfortunately, my camera got kicked which I was getting a picture and it BROKE
Like seriously the lens wouldn't close and the pictures were to close and came out like crap
That happened on Friday

The next thing was at the reborn shoot I'd just gotten 2 phone charms and I didn't have any pockets
So I attached my phone to my boxers and stuck it like on my hip against my waistband
Well at some point it got tangled and I lost my Reborn keychain and my Oz Bezarius keychain.
I was so angry and sad!
That was on Friday

Nothing bad happened on Thursday or today thankfully.

Now to the awesomeness!

Thursday was prereg day. We waited FOREVER for our "guardian" Kara to come
We got to Seattle around about noon to 1 ish..
We waited till like 7 to finally get our badges.
We played Pocky to Pocky with a bunch of people from Hawaii and we chatted about con stuff XD yeah I was dressed as Reborn that day!
We met :icontwinfools: He's cool. He was dressed as Draco Malfoy and was hanging out with his friend Hermione.
They were awesome :3

My friend :iconAlbino-Music:Callie /Pyo/ was dressed as Belphegore TYL version and it was from CosplayFU
She bearly like was at con for like 4 hours, bearly moving around and sitting
And the pleather started peeling away from the second cotton fabric.
It was horrible and...just horrible.
The cosplay is totally not worth it.
It happened on Saturday to after we tried to fix it with Hotglue.
Anyway a button also fell off her cosplay but we sewed it back on.
Yeah...Just don't buy from there....
We fell asleep at 9 at the hotel it wasn't to exciting XD
We watched like a a cigarette thing on tv when we woke up at like 4 am though xD

Friday was more fun.
That's when everything started opening up 8D
Honestly through out the ENTIRE weekend we didn't go to ANY panels.
In the morning I was dressed up as Rin Kagamine and I changed into Reborn around like...
3 pm or something cause I was tired..
We went to the Reborn photoshoot and had so much fun xD
It rained when the Yamamoto group when up for shots XD
I had lots of fun, I also got told that I was the best reborn there 8D
My pacifier was made out of um...A dollar store Yoyo XD
It's awesome and lights up....yeah 8D
We actually stole a bunch of people that day.
Pyo and I were Sitting in the corner of the 3rd floor of the convention center cause she didn't want her pants to rip more.
And we first stole a Dino and a Chrome.
Then we met a Decimo! She's awesome I have their number too :3
Decimo got me the reborn phonecharm TAT
But! She also got me a light up pacifier XD
It's so super awesome!

We also hung out with um :iconManafromHeaven: and a bunch of other people.
It was so lulzy as we had a semi lunch xD
REally all we ate were mochi ice creams XD
it was GOOD :iconhurrplz:
And we dragged Decimo and Squalo and Hibari around XD
We also waited for Shannon, Kim, and Liana to finish registering.

After the Reborn shoot we had to Run over to :iconharuu-chan: Lady Sharon's /Shannon's/ hotel room across the street to change for the masquerade
All the ladies were so pretty @3@
Alice /Kim/ was dressed in Lolita and had a black mask.
She wore her deathly long wig and I had to braid it so it wouldn't die the next day before the shoot XD
Ada /Liana/ my dearest Sister wore a black dress and her Ada wig :3
And Lady Sharon wore her lovely dress and her wig with her Euphemia mask.
It was so sparkly and pretty XD
Everyone got out of her way when we walked with Lady Sharon xD
So at the Masquerade, Oh yeah I was dressed up as Oz in his ceremony robe all tricked out with my mask and stuff.
And we met up with :iconmaintain-conscience: Vincent /Emily/, :icono3oNipa: Jack /Jack/, and :iconMalikxthexPsycho: Gilbert /Kara/.
I kept clinging to Gil to keep him away from Vincent xD
I also tried to keep Ada away from Vincent too xD
I was very smooth like. As I cling to Gil, Vincent also clung and I magically got between them and shoved him away xD

Um..I danced with Everyone really and I asked a Miku that was sitting in the corner looking bored XD
I was picking up the womans 8D
I mean escorting beautiful ladies :3
I didn't know what I was doing and I was having fun just going around the dance floor XD
Then I saw Gil and I was like "Oh my friend is here 8D Thank you for dancing with me!" And I bowed politely and told me she liked the GilxOz pairing XD
It was awesome
After like an hour of dancing we all got tired and Pyo, Vincent, Jack and I went for a water run.
We like couldn't get 5 steps without people asking us for a picture XD
After we went back with our drinks we kinda hungout outside of the ballroom.
Pyo rested in Shannons lap, I in Liana's and Vincent in Jacks.
Alice was still dancing..and like we didn't know what was going on.
Gilbert ran away which made me sad D8

Sooner or later we realized that Alice had been dancing with a creeper guy
Since we left for drinks /time span about 40 minutes/
And she hadn't stopped yet.
I went to rescue her! [/heroic music]
I cut in and saved her XD He seemed peeved.
But he was like a creeper and kept eyeing her.
We pretended dancing and we went out with everyone and took a break
I went in with Alice again for a bit just to see if the creeper was there.
We tried to make him jealous XD We danced closley and looked out for the guy xD
He found a new victim and like was eyeing her.
When he saw Alice though he kept contact with her cause we danced closer to them XD
But then I spotted this pretty girl sitting in a group in a white dress 8D
I wanted to dance with her :3

So I did.
I told Alice and she just told me to go XD
So I made my way over to her all Gentlemen like and held out my hand to her as I bowed
Asking her for a dance.
Yeah..I'm so cliche XD
She said yeah and We made our way to the dance floor.
I asked her if she knew how to waltz and she didn't so I was like
"Good 8D cAuse I don't know how to either XD"
We danced and chatted about how our time was at the con and how the dance was going.
She was really nice :3
I got her name but I forgot it :iconimhappyplz:
Anyway somewhere near the end she told me that that was her boyfriend that was sitting next to her. :iconimsrspervplz:
Yeah..and she told me that he wouldn't dance with her because he didn't know how to
I was like "I don't know how to but I dance 8D"
And I suggested that she ask him to try.
So in the end I told her that I should take her back to him but she was like "No, no! It's really okay."
He looked kinda pissed so I was like "It's okay, I should get going anyway ^_^"
And I walked her back over and bowed and thanked the guy for letting me have a dance with her.
Then I got the hell out of there.
I thought Alice already left but I apparently zoomed right past her XD
So I went back in got her and left then told everyone XD
After that we went into Shannon's room and hung out till we had to go XD
We passed out once we go to the hotel.

Saturday was not as exciting kinda.
That was Pandora hearts day 8D :iconhurrhurrplz:
Oh man I was one of two Oz's in the photoshoot XD
I was being tugged left and right XD
It was tons of fun, I stole Gil's..s.s...hats 8D
And hit under Lady Sharon's dress!
Vincent too 8D
I also met :iconNihongo-hanasemasen: She makes the CUTEST Echo EVER
It was fun till I had to leave at like 2 for a Photoshoot with :icondadadana: and :iconnikkiolie:
We did Magnet and I can't wait till the photo's come out 8D
I borrowed Kara's HUGE platforms which werent surprisingly hard to walk in but MAN
Did I like the view from UP THERE!
It was so cool being tall for once XDD
After the shoot I hung out with Dana for a bit then had to change into Oz for dinner..ish
We got a big group of people to go to Von's City Cafe XD
I'm HORRIBLE at navigating in a new city btw XD
I like led us 5 blocks up when the cafe was 3 blocks back and one block over XD
Thankfully Decimo/Haseo knew where it was!
Those poor civilian people in the cafe XD
We had a Party of 15 people total :iconhurrplz:
It was awesome we chatted about a lot of stuff and we met D&D players 8D
I'msuchanerd xD

After Dinner we all parted and our main group went back to Shannon's hotel again and hung out talking about retarded stuff and drawing.
Jack did his stupid creepy france laugh THAT'S STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD!!
We drew and talked about other cons and debated on going swimming or not.
We didn't.
We wanted to ish.
But we didn't.
I huggled a panda and fixed Jack's contacts XD
But it's cool cause I got it back next day.
I left a lot of things over there XD
Callie forgot her phone twice over the 4 day period there XD

After getting back to our hotel I forgot that my oz wig had a bag to I stacked it on top of my wig head.
OVER my Kaito wig and It looked like a really cool one wig XD
I put it on when we got the the hotel.
It was cool.
Well the one's that were out xD
I had Dana's Base Miku wig on, My Kaito wig, Pyo's Break wig, My Oz wig, and Hazu's Neku wig
Yeah 5 wigs XD
It was cool xD
We joked around with the people in the elevator XD

After that I was debating on putting on Son Goku or China for today.
I put on Goku and yelled "I'm Gonna kill you!" at pyo's camera
Apparently Goku looked like a retarded Otaku with all his clothed tucked in and a stupid orange cape XD
So I didn't wear him.
I wore China instead.
I told Sanzo/America/Kara that and she decided to wear America with me xD
She texted me "lul, do you want me to wear America?"
I was just about to text back when Hazu started balancing a plastic umbrella bag on her finger.
I had to shoot a video with my phone XD
About 4 hours later just as I was about to fall asleep I realized that I didn't text Kara back XD
So I got up and my phone was beeping while I was hitting the keys:
"lol, yes wear america plox 8D, Sorry I got distracted by a plastic bag"
In the morning she texted me back " ilu" or something along those lines XD

Today we got up at 6:30 since we packed the night before and got into our cosplays.
We got to the con about 8 and we hung out with Shannon, Kim, and Liana.
I was trying to look for them till I got tired XD
I wore China btw and I had a panda with mee! It was Shannon's. So cute XD I LOBE IT
We were like the first in line for the Vendor's hall too XD
Kim was really excited to get in and buy stuff.
Once we got in we all scattered and went around buying things XD
I bought another Oz that I lost and OH I had bought more pins in the artist ally XD
I bought a bento box that came with The manga cookbook for 20$
OMG I love it so much xD I had to go to the ATM just to get it!
I HAD TO HAVE IT :iconhurrdurrplz:

After that shopping was done.
We went and sat outside the artist ally and met up with Emily, Jack and Kara.
We pulled a hetalia group to us and did random stuffs XD
Like America was piled on but all the communist that were there XD
Like Germany, China and Russia..Yeah
Shannon left before then though I think so it was semi-lonely.
I saw syd and we chatted and I stole her Temari fan XD
Pyo made me give it back though.
I also gave Kara /America/ and Hamburger squeak plush and she ripped the made in china tag off XD
We had a eat me cupcake where Kara ate it scarily all in one bite...
After that we left and at lunch at DICKS :iconimsrspervplz:
We had burgers and fries XD
Then we started on our 4 hours drive home.

In the car I woke up once to a text message from Megan on Marshmello peeps put together to
look like a strip club scene...
It was pretty lulzy
Then we got to Pyo's house where I started typing this XD
It was pretty fun. I'm exhausted though.
And It took me like 2 hours to type this XD
It seriously felt like I was gone for a week
I can't wait to go back next year!
Oh did I mention I met :iconshiroin: He's cool :3
He goes around to much though and was tired when I met him xD Awesome sauce...
Love his photography!