Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sakuracon '10

Oh man I just got back from Sakuracon 2010.
My first Sakuracon and honestly I wasn't thinking I was able to go.
I'm sooo super tired but the past 4 days was so worth it.
Sakuracon is an Anime convention in Seattle Washington which is a 4 hour drive away from here.
I have a headache now so please forgive me if I forget anything.

I'm gonna start off with what went wrong and then work my way up to the awesomeness

I saw the most amazing cosplayers there EVER
Unfortunately, my camera got kicked which I was getting a picture and it BROKE
Like seriously the lens wouldn't close and the pictures were to close and came out like crap
That happened on Friday

The next thing was at the reborn shoot I'd just gotten 2 phone charms and I didn't have any pockets
So I attached my phone to my boxers and stuck it like on my hip against my waistband
Well at some point it got tangled and I lost my Reborn keychain and my Oz Bezarius keychain.
I was so angry and sad!
That was on Friday

Nothing bad happened on Thursday or today thankfully.

Now to the awesomeness!

Thursday was prereg day. We waited FOREVER for our "guardian" Kara to come
We got to Seattle around about noon to 1 ish..
We waited till like 7 to finally get our badges.
We played Pocky to Pocky with a bunch of people from Hawaii and we chatted about con stuff XD yeah I was dressed as Reborn that day!
We met :icontwinfools: He's cool. He was dressed as Draco Malfoy and was hanging out with his friend Hermione.
They were awesome :3

My friend :iconAlbino-Music:Callie /Pyo/ was dressed as Belphegore TYL version and it was from CosplayFU
She bearly like was at con for like 4 hours, bearly moving around and sitting
And the pleather started peeling away from the second cotton fabric.
It was horrible and...just horrible.
The cosplay is totally not worth it.
It happened on Saturday to after we tried to fix it with Hotglue.
Anyway a button also fell off her cosplay but we sewed it back on.
Yeah...Just don't buy from there....
We fell asleep at 9 at the hotel it wasn't to exciting XD
We watched like a a cigarette thing on tv when we woke up at like 4 am though xD

Friday was more fun.
That's when everything started opening up 8D
Honestly through out the ENTIRE weekend we didn't go to ANY panels.
In the morning I was dressed up as Rin Kagamine and I changed into Reborn around like...
3 pm or something cause I was tired..
We went to the Reborn photoshoot and had so much fun xD
It rained when the Yamamoto group when up for shots XD
I had lots of fun, I also got told that I was the best reborn there 8D
My pacifier was made out of um...A dollar store Yoyo XD
It's awesome and lights up....yeah 8D
We actually stole a bunch of people that day.
Pyo and I were Sitting in the corner of the 3rd floor of the convention center cause she didn't want her pants to rip more.
And we first stole a Dino and a Chrome.
Then we met a Decimo! She's awesome I have their number too :3
Decimo got me the reborn phonecharm TAT
But! She also got me a light up pacifier XD
It's so super awesome!

We also hung out with um :iconManafromHeaven: and a bunch of other people.
It was so lulzy as we had a semi lunch xD
REally all we ate were mochi ice creams XD
it was GOOD :iconhurrplz:
And we dragged Decimo and Squalo and Hibari around XD
We also waited for Shannon, Kim, and Liana to finish registering.

After the Reborn shoot we had to Run over to :iconharuu-chan: Lady Sharon's /Shannon's/ hotel room across the street to change for the masquerade
All the ladies were so pretty @3@
Alice /Kim/ was dressed in Lolita and had a black mask.
She wore her deathly long wig and I had to braid it so it wouldn't die the next day before the shoot XD
Ada /Liana/ my dearest Sister wore a black dress and her Ada wig :3
And Lady Sharon wore her lovely dress and her wig with her Euphemia mask.
It was so sparkly and pretty XD
Everyone got out of her way when we walked with Lady Sharon xD
So at the Masquerade, Oh yeah I was dressed up as Oz in his ceremony robe all tricked out with my mask and stuff.
And we met up with :iconmaintain-conscience: Vincent /Emily/, :icono3oNipa: Jack /Jack/, and :iconMalikxthexPsycho: Gilbert /Kara/.
I kept clinging to Gil to keep him away from Vincent xD
I also tried to keep Ada away from Vincent too xD
I was very smooth like. As I cling to Gil, Vincent also clung and I magically got between them and shoved him away xD

Um..I danced with Everyone really and I asked a Miku that was sitting in the corner looking bored XD
I was picking up the womans 8D
I mean escorting beautiful ladies :3
I didn't know what I was doing and I was having fun just going around the dance floor XD
Then I saw Gil and I was like "Oh my friend is here 8D Thank you for dancing with me!" And I bowed politely and told me she liked the GilxOz pairing XD
It was awesome
After like an hour of dancing we all got tired and Pyo, Vincent, Jack and I went for a water run.
We like couldn't get 5 steps without people asking us for a picture XD
After we went back with our drinks we kinda hungout outside of the ballroom.
Pyo rested in Shannons lap, I in Liana's and Vincent in Jacks.
Alice was still dancing..and like we didn't know what was going on.
Gilbert ran away which made me sad D8

Sooner or later we realized that Alice had been dancing with a creeper guy
Since we left for drinks /time span about 40 minutes/
And she hadn't stopped yet.
I went to rescue her! [/heroic music]
I cut in and saved her XD He seemed peeved.
But he was like a creeper and kept eyeing her.
We pretended dancing and we went out with everyone and took a break
I went in with Alice again for a bit just to see if the creeper was there.
We tried to make him jealous XD We danced closley and looked out for the guy xD
He found a new victim and like was eyeing her.
When he saw Alice though he kept contact with her cause we danced closer to them XD
But then I spotted this pretty girl sitting in a group in a white dress 8D
I wanted to dance with her :3

So I did.
I told Alice and she just told me to go XD
So I made my way over to her all Gentlemen like and held out my hand to her as I bowed
Asking her for a dance.
Yeah..I'm so cliche XD
She said yeah and We made our way to the dance floor.
I asked her if she knew how to waltz and she didn't so I was like
"Good 8D cAuse I don't know how to either XD"
We danced and chatted about how our time was at the con and how the dance was going.
She was really nice :3
I got her name but I forgot it :iconimhappyplz:
Anyway somewhere near the end she told me that that was her boyfriend that was sitting next to her. :iconimsrspervplz:
Yeah..and she told me that he wouldn't dance with her because he didn't know how to
I was like "I don't know how to but I dance 8D"
And I suggested that she ask him to try.
So in the end I told her that I should take her back to him but she was like "No, no! It's really okay."
He looked kinda pissed so I was like "It's okay, I should get going anyway ^_^"
And I walked her back over and bowed and thanked the guy for letting me have a dance with her.
Then I got the hell out of there.
I thought Alice already left but I apparently zoomed right past her XD
So I went back in got her and left then told everyone XD
After that we went into Shannon's room and hung out till we had to go XD
We passed out once we go to the hotel.

Saturday was not as exciting kinda.
That was Pandora hearts day 8D :iconhurrhurrplz:
Oh man I was one of two Oz's in the photoshoot XD
I was being tugged left and right XD
It was tons of fun, I stole Gil's..s.s...hats 8D
And hit under Lady Sharon's dress!
Vincent too 8D
I also met :iconNihongo-hanasemasen: She makes the CUTEST Echo EVER
It was fun till I had to leave at like 2 for a Photoshoot with :icondadadana: and :iconnikkiolie:
We did Magnet and I can't wait till the photo's come out 8D
I borrowed Kara's HUGE platforms which werent surprisingly hard to walk in but MAN
Did I like the view from UP THERE!
It was so cool being tall for once XDD
After the shoot I hung out with Dana for a bit then had to change into Oz for dinner..ish
We got a big group of people to go to Von's City Cafe XD
I'm HORRIBLE at navigating in a new city btw XD
I like led us 5 blocks up when the cafe was 3 blocks back and one block over XD
Thankfully Decimo/Haseo knew where it was!
Those poor civilian people in the cafe XD
We had a Party of 15 people total :iconhurrplz:
It was awesome we chatted about a lot of stuff and we met D&D players 8D
I'msuchanerd xD

After Dinner we all parted and our main group went back to Shannon's hotel again and hung out talking about retarded stuff and drawing.
Jack did his stupid creepy france laugh THAT'S STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD!!
We drew and talked about other cons and debated on going swimming or not.
We didn't.
We wanted to ish.
But we didn't.
I huggled a panda and fixed Jack's contacts XD
But it's cool cause I got it back next day.
I left a lot of things over there XD
Callie forgot her phone twice over the 4 day period there XD

After getting back to our hotel I forgot that my oz wig had a bag to I stacked it on top of my wig head.
OVER my Kaito wig and It looked like a really cool one wig XD
I put it on when we got the the hotel.
It was cool.
Well the one's that were out xD
I had Dana's Base Miku wig on, My Kaito wig, Pyo's Break wig, My Oz wig, and Hazu's Neku wig
Yeah 5 wigs XD
It was cool xD
We joked around with the people in the elevator XD

After that I was debating on putting on Son Goku or China for today.
I put on Goku and yelled "I'm Gonna kill you!" at pyo's camera
Apparently Goku looked like a retarded Otaku with all his clothed tucked in and a stupid orange cape XD
So I didn't wear him.
I wore China instead.
I told Sanzo/America/Kara that and she decided to wear America with me xD
She texted me "lul, do you want me to wear America?"
I was just about to text back when Hazu started balancing a plastic umbrella bag on her finger.
I had to shoot a video with my phone XD
About 4 hours later just as I was about to fall asleep I realized that I didn't text Kara back XD
So I got up and my phone was beeping while I was hitting the keys:
"lol, yes wear america plox 8D, Sorry I got distracted by a plastic bag"
In the morning she texted me back " ilu" or something along those lines XD

Today we got up at 6:30 since we packed the night before and got into our cosplays.
We got to the con about 8 and we hung out with Shannon, Kim, and Liana.
I was trying to look for them till I got tired XD
I wore China btw and I had a panda with mee! It was Shannon's. So cute XD I LOBE IT
We were like the first in line for the Vendor's hall too XD
Kim was really excited to get in and buy stuff.
Once we got in we all scattered and went around buying things XD
I bought another Oz that I lost and OH I had bought more pins in the artist ally XD
I bought a bento box that came with The manga cookbook for 20$
OMG I love it so much xD I had to go to the ATM just to get it!
I HAD TO HAVE IT :iconhurrdurrplz:

After that shopping was done.
We went and sat outside the artist ally and met up with Emily, Jack and Kara.
We pulled a hetalia group to us and did random stuffs XD
Like America was piled on but all the communist that were there XD
Like Germany, China and Russia..Yeah
Shannon left before then though I think so it was semi-lonely.
I saw syd and we chatted and I stole her Temari fan XD
Pyo made me give it back though.
I also gave Kara /America/ and Hamburger squeak plush and she ripped the made in china tag off XD
We had a eat me cupcake where Kara ate it scarily all in one bite...
After that we left and at lunch at DICKS :iconimsrspervplz:
We had burgers and fries XD
Then we started on our 4 hours drive home.

In the car I woke up once to a text message from Megan on Marshmello peeps put together to
look like a strip club scene...
It was pretty lulzy
Then we got to Pyo's house where I started typing this XD
It was pretty fun. I'm exhausted though.
And It took me like 2 hours to type this XD
It seriously felt like I was gone for a week
I can't wait to go back next year!
Oh did I mention I met :iconshiroin: He's cool :3
He goes around to much though and was tired when I met him xD Awesome sauce...
Love his photography!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Xenoglossia Script

Woman: Next person, please.
Haruka: 5...5...Number 5, Amami Haruka!
Pleased to me you!
Little brother: I'm going out!
Eh, Grandpa...?
Haruka: No way....No way....No way....
Little brother: Nee-chan...?
Haruka: Grandpa?
Gandfather: What's wrong?
Haruka: I'm...going to Tokyo...
I'm going to Tokyo!!
Azusa: A new wind, eh?
RIFFA: Hey! We are almost! [/excited]
Taking a nap with your eyes open? How peaceful...
Haruka: EH?! You're not coming!?
I've already reached Omiya!
Because I thought you were coming, I didn't check anything!
It's alright?! How could this be?
Cashier: That'll be Four-hundred and Fifty yen.
Yayoi: I'm sorry...I really didn't expect a last minute recording....
Ah, So that's why...
Random guy: It's almost time!
Yayoi: Wait a minute...
YES! I'm always in OK Mode!
Ah, I'm sorry...Now then...EH?
Haruka: Hello? Yayoi-chan?
Operator: The reception is very low at the moment,
Please use the nearest Teansfer Station.
Haruka: Ahh....Why is it so big NOW of all days...?
AH! Seriously!
Attendent: Next stop, Ueno.
Now broadcasting the preview of the weather.
The weather in Tokyo is clear today.
And due to the effects of the asteroid belt,
You can expect great amounts of magnetic interference today.
Haruka: What should I do..?
Eh? Where...?
Yuhiko: Um...Are you looking for this?
Haruka: AH! Yes! Thank you very much!
But really, iy's quite a coincidence,
That two people who passed the audition to mee on the same train.
Yuhiko: Yeah, and thank goodness.
I was feeling a bit uneasy, travelling all alone
and when I saw what it was you dropped I was surprised and happy.
Haruka: What is this thing anyway?
Yuhiko: Who knows...but it says in the letter that you should always keep it with you...
Haruka: That's true
Yuhiko: But whatever it is, it's beautiful...
Have you decided where you're going to stay?
Haruka: Ah, um, yeah...It's a domitory...I'm pretty certain it's called Izayoi...
Yuhiko: Really? That's where I'm going to stay too!
Haruka: Huh? Great! Let's go there together!
Thank goodness...
I'm not sure of how to get there, so I didn't know what to do...
Yuhiko: Um...about that, this is actually my first time in Tokyo as well,
so I was thinking of asking you too.
I'm sorry!
Haruka: Ah, It's alright...
Then! Let's look for it together, um..?
Yuhiko: I'm Hagimara Yukiho.
Haruka: Ah, Yukiho-chan?
I'm Amami Haruka, nice to meet you!
Ah...So this is Tokyo...
There're a lot of big buildings...
Hey, Yukiho-chan? Yukiho-chan...
When did she...? Well, Nevermind!
Iori: What?! Go meet them?
Ritsuko: Why not? You're free anyway, "Big Forehead"...
Iori: I'm not free at all!
Ritsuko: Not that again...
When you really are busy, your fore head is shining...
Iori: You're so irritating! Stop calling me "Forehead" already!
Ritsuko! What're you doing to my phone?!
Ritsuko: I'm giving you her phone number.
although the reception is a bit low today.
Iori: Really...Who's this? She looks old-fashioned...
Ritsuko: Amami Haruka-chan.
Although she had agreed on meeting her friend at the station,
It seems that her friend can't make it.
Iori: Why can't she just her here herself?
Ritsuko: This is her first visit to Tokyo...I feel sorry for her, don't you?
Iori: Then why don't you...Huh?
Ritsuko: Wll then, I'm counting on you!
Iori: Eh?!
Wha....What was that?
Ritsuko: I made a little modification recently!
It's the same as a ninja's room...interesting right?
Iori: NO IT'S NOT! What were you thinking about?!
Ritsuko: You should be able to meet her at the station...
and...That's a pretty interesting pose...
Iori: AH! RITSUKO!!!!!
Sorewa: Mail from headquarters.
Some guy: It's a "Drop". Alert.
President: Everyone, Act on. Standby.
Await orders from the Headquarters.
Naze: Everyone, Act on. Standby.

Haruka: Sorry for the wait.
Here you go.
Yuhiko: Thank you very much!
Haruka: So, have you figured out the way yet?
Yuhiko: No, as guessed, we really are lost...
Haruka: Really?
Yuhiko: I'm sorry...
It would've been better if we had just waited in the station for
the people in the dormitory to come...
Haruka: No...that's not true
Yuhiko: But...
Haruka: Since we didn't wait there, we're able to look at these beautiful cherry blossoms.

Kuroshitsuji Ep 1 Script

Sebastian: Once one had rejected faith, it is impossible for him to pass through the gates of Heaven.

Ciel: Do you think...Someone who believed...In God would summon you

[/chuckle] I'll ask again.
Do you wish to form this contract?

I want you to form the contract and grant my every wish.


Young Master, it's time for you to wake up.

Ciel: [/sleeping and waking up sounds.]

A poached salmon with a mint salad has been prepared for your breakfast
Toast, scones and french pastries have been prepared as an accompaniment. Which do you prefer today?

Ciel: Scones

Today after breakfast. an authority on the Roman Empire, Professor Huges, will be visiting.
After lunch will be Mr. Damian from the Poseidon Company.

Ah, the one who was ledt in charge of manufacturing stuffed animals at the Indian factory.

It seems he is Italian, and we're sparing no effort in order to provide the best hospitality for his satisfaction.

This scent...Earl Grey?

Yes. It is Jackson's Earl Grey.
I will be waiting for your arrival at the dining table, then.
How was that?
Let's save the fun and games for later.

Ciel: Yes, I agree, Sebastian.
His butler is talented.

Bardroy + Maylene: Oh!

Finny: OW! ow ow ow ow!
Why did I do, young master?

Ciel: Nothing, that was to be expected.

Finny: Eh?

Finian, has the weeding been done in the inner garden?

Finny: Oh

Meirin, have the sheets been washed?

Um well....

Bard, were you not supposed to be preparing tonights dinner?

Bard: che...

Tanaka...Your fine just as you are.

Tanaka: Oh ho ho

Everyone, If you have time to be standing around, your not working hard enough.
Get to work!

Finian/Meirin/Bard: [/running away noises]

Sebastian: Good Grief.

Ciel: hmpf...

Silver, like a mirror without a hint of tarnish.
The tablecloths are new, without a single stain.
White roses, which the young master is fond of, are becautiful without blemish.
And finally the dinner will be prepared
From the finest hand picked ingredients.
This is a first-class
Phantomhive welcome.

Ever so busy and the young master calls.

A guest is coming
This is our chance!

Meirin/Finian: Huh?

Bard: I don't want to be called an idiot forever.
We'll be one step ahead of that Sebastian and make him go
"Ah!" in surprise!

Meirin/Finian: AH!

Bard: What's the point of you saying it?

Meirin: It still is a wonderful idea!

Finian: We can't rely on Sebastian the whole time can we?

Bard: Alright! The plan is finalized!

Bard/Meirin/Finian: Let's do it!

Tanaka: Oh ho ho

Ciel: I'm hungry. Get me somthing sweet.

Sebastian: You cannot, young master.
We're having a guest for dinner are we not?

Ciel: Just do it. Something like a parfait.

Sebastian: I cannot.

Ciel: Che.
Oh yes, about that portrait in the hall.

Sebastian: Yes?

Ciel: Take it down.
The head of the Phantomhive estate is now me.
Ciel Phantomhive.

Sebastian: Understood.
Just How
did things
end up like this?

Finian: I thought it would be more effective if i used the herbicide on the garden.

Meirin: I thought we should have the tea set we prepare for guests out but I slipped.

Bard: There was some raw meat out so I thought I should cook it.
So with my flamethrower....

Meirin/Finian: AH! We're so sorry Sebastian!
[/appologizing lines ~24 seconds] <--I don't care what you say XD watch the clip for referance.

Sebastian: Our guest will arrive just after six.
That gives me just a little over two hours
It would be impossible to get premium-grade meat or a tea set within that time.
What should I do?
Very well! Calm down!
You should take a lesson from Tanaka and calm down a little.

Tanaka: Oh?

Everyone please listen carefully and do what I say.
We'll pull though, somehow

Damian: Oh [/amazed] This is...

Finian/Meirin/Tanaka/Bard: Welcome

We decided to have a stone garden as seen in Japan.

Damian: Genius! How excellent!
What an elegant garden!

I thought it would be appropriate if tonight's dinner was held out here.
Please take time to relax in the mansion until then.

Damian: Hahahaha. Just what one would expect of the Phantomhive family.
I can't wait until nightfall now.

Bard: We made it!

Finian: To think the pebbles I bought could become such an amazing garden!

Sebastian: If those who serve the Phantomehive family
couldn't pull this off, then what would happen?
There is still a long way to go.
While the young master is negotiating, let us do what we can.

Finian/Bard/Meirin: Yes!

Damian: The progression of the East Indian jewel technolody is quite remarkable
Many brilliant people have also been raised there-

Ciel: Entranced by the eyes of the dead.
That's unlucky. I'm out for one turn.

Damian: The time of opportunity is now!
I would like to expand my business
and secure a larger workforce.

Ciel: It's your turn.

Damian: Eh? Oh yes.
Well then, excuse me.
Yes, Five moves
About that.
Though, if I were able to loan another 12,000 pounds....
I'm sure this would be a benefit for you as well, Count.
I would become Phantom Company's legs in South Asian and jump into even more--

Ciel: Lose your legs in the forest of confusion.

Damian: Eh?

Ciel: It's your turn again. I'm out for a turn after all.

Damian: Ah...Eh...Yes, Six.

Ciel: Wait, that's three

Damian: Eh? But...

Ciel: You lost your legs right?
From now on you can only travel half the distance.

Damian: Ahahaha, This is a severe board game isn't it?
Is there no way to restore my legs?

Ciel: Something once lost...
Will never return...
Your body is burned within the crimson flames.

Damian: [/gasp]


Parody Script

Shizuma: walking walking walking. Oh pretty branchs. Ah blinding light!!!
the truth is...for this tree i am in love so...
Nagisa: now for my amazing entrance!
Oh...I'm lost...
maybe it;s that thing ontop of the hill
I'll start running to it!!!
Omg girls in skirts
those are shorter
it's like a lesbian paradise
Oh noooo...[monotone]
I've fallen and I can't get up
Magical water!
Nothing can stop me now!
Urghh...I'm lost again [/sigh]
uh. Holy hell where did you come from?
Ahh [/monotone] [/whack]
Keychain: I'm abandoned
Shizuma: What a retard...
Nagisa: um...that chick is tall
Um...I've fallen and can't get up.
Shizuma: I see that.
Keychain: Yey....
Nagisa: Muchas Gracias por fav-or..Um...
Shizuma: heh,...Raping time~
Nagisa: Oh noes...I can't move for some reason
Shizuma: FanService~
Nagisa: it's a dream come true... AH! Was i just raped?
my clothes are still on...

Miku Drama Script

I see. In only one day, two people have gone mad
It sure seems like a popular ailment, don't you think?

Our lovely Queen, Our dearest Queen Please calm down
There's no chance of you catching that ailment, though
you still haven't decid--

I won't die from this stupid disease
But...I'll die when I'm to old to keep on living anymore.

That's right....I'll be healthy if I have a younger body...

Gee....that's irresponsible of you...
Do you not want to become alice?

You again?!
There's...nothing worth going back to my world for!
So, leave me alone.
I'll never be a singer at that circus ever again!
Singing, singing, Just singing!
Nobody was looking at me for who I was!
Nobody loved me!
But here...everybody DOES love me...

Is that so?~
Do people really love you for yo--

Now go away...
Go away immediately!

Shut up is what you say
Ah, that's right.
You're proud of your voice,
so are you sure you don't want to be a diva again?~

[/bell rings]
[Miku has a stangled sounding voice]
What...WHAT?! My voice?!

I think you're much better like this
It's so nice of me to change your voice
[/evil giggle]


Your voice is so ugly when it's getting old.
You'll be stuck in this castle forever.
[/evil giggle]

Give me back my voice!
What's wrong, Your majesty?!

Bye-Bye, Queenie~

kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
ironna hito o madowa se te, okashina kuni o tsukuriage ta.
sonna arisu wa, kuni no joou.
ibitsu na yume ni tori tsukare te.
kuchi yuku karada ni obie nagara, kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru

She was really ugly
cheating people with her pretty looks
Next time...She'll be sure not to trick anyone else...
Ahh~ All of them have been failures..
Will any of them be any good?
Maybe...I need very young humans?
Of course!
Don't children dream quite a lot?
It's so simple, why didn't I realize this before?
It's perfect~

[RP] Demitri x Izumi

Dimitri was in serious trouble. His editor would be here in an hour and he had 300 pages spread across the floor. The other 200 pages were somewhere hidden in his office. He walked his way through the maze of papers, collecting them in order, occasionally running to his office for the next one. Honestly, he never planned on it being like this. He wanted to go to college right after school, but fate had another route.

Dimitri was only 19 when his books became a number one seller on the streets. Now he is 21 and is living everyone’s dreams. He has fame, money, could have any girl he wanted. But he works almost everyday, rooms would be piled with stacks of books and papers, and he never had any time to himself. But, next week he would start his month vacation, just being able to relax, and sleep in until as late as he wanted.

But for now the blonde had papers to organize. His green eyes scanned the room, looking every paper for number 187. He even checked his office and it wasn't there. If he cant find the papers before his editor came in, he will be further behind than ever. If that happened, he wouldn't be able to have his vacation.


Izumi knocked lightly on the door as Dimitri was shuffling papers inside. Honestly, that man never stopped working and was in need of a break. "Excuse me, sir." The raven haired butler peered through the door with his steel blue eyes. "Would you like me to help?" He took a step in holding a tray of snacks and drinks. Balancing the tray in one hand, Izumi bent down to pick up a piece of paper by the door that the blond had been looking for.

Holding the paper out for him, Izumi glanced around the room. Papers everywhere as expected. He'd have to clean up some more later. It seemed like it was always like this. Whenever Dimitri was in a rush, papers would be flying about. He was amazed that he'd never loose a page either. Being about the same age as who he served, Izumi didn't mind waiting on Dimitri hand and foot. In fact, someone else could've been serving him at the moment. But Izumi accept the job because he liked serving people, plus Dimitri was a writer. How much more interesting can that get?


"Could you?" he asked taking the paper from the other boy. This was the usual routine. He would do everything last minute, everything out of place, and nothing seemed to go right for him. But Izumi always came to the rescue. If he hadn't hired the boy, he may not have been here right now.

"Can you work backwards from here?" he held out a paper with the number 500 printed on the bottom. "I think I saw the next one somewhere over there." he pointed across the room in the far corner, before turning back towards the boy. Things have changed about him since they first met a couple years ago; he’s gotten taller and older. He wondered if Izumi noticed it too.

Dimitri grew a bit himself too. He was 5'9, with a fair build. He didn't work out though, not really like he had the time to though. But running across the house everyday searching for papers counted as exercise, right?

"Izumi." he said, getting his attention as he picked up a couple more papers.


Izumi placed the tray down on a nearby table and looked at the number and sighed. How could Dimitri write so many pages? It was insanity, but he was used to it. "What else am I here for?" He said with a smile as he walked around the room picking up papers along the way. He reorganized them in his hands and from the corner of his eye he noticed how much Dimitri had changed. Had it really been that long since he first started working for him?

He'd guess they'd both gotten taller since he last noticed. Izumi was 6'1" himself and was skinny for his height but he was strong enough to lift more then his weight. He was happy that the blond was healthier looking then most writers he'd met to. Probably due to the healthy diet he kept Dimitri on without him knowing it. But now that the writer had grown taller without him noticing it, Izumi took a mental note to refit his clothing later on.

Placing a stack of papers onto the table, he fixed the pile so that it was neat and in order. Izumi successfully collected and organized at least 100 papers by then before fixing his tie and suit when he heard Dimitri call his name. "Yes?" He turned to him, in question.


"I was just wondering." he said taking a few more papers off the ground. Surprisingly you could actually see the floor for once. There were only a few more papers left but Dimitri but his stack of papers on the desk turning to Izumi. "I don't have anything planned tonight; I wanted to go somewhere nice." He said, smoothing out the wrinkles on his shirt. “Seeing how busy I am, I haven’t really been able to eat out for a while. I thought you could use a break from cooking also. Why don't you join me?" he suggested smiling.

Izumi could probably mirror any restaurants food he wanted, but he wanted him to relax, at least for a night. Dimitri has probably been making him work twice as hard during the past few months. Things have been chaotic lately.

Dimitri also thought about his vacation. He wasn't sure if he wanted to stay home and just relax, or go out of town somewhere nice. Somewhere near the beach at a fancy hotel. He wanted to but going alone didn't seem too exciting. Maybe he could get Izumi into going with him.


"You want me to join you?" Izumi blinked. It'd been a while since Dimitri took a break. He guessed it made sense that he wanted to go out for once. Oops, he posed a question that wasn't polite. "I mean, I'd gladly accompany you." Izumi bowed before picking up the last few papers.

It wasn't like he didn't mind cooking but taking a break didn't sound like a bad idea. Izumi wasn't stressed or anything but he guessed Dimitri was. Organizing the stack in his hand and the stacks on the table, He walked over to him. "And what kind of food would you like to eat tonight, sir?" The raven haired boy handed the completed pile of papers to him with a smile on his lips.

Probably during the time when the Editor came by he was going to have to make reservations. Izumi was quite knowledgeable on nearby restaurants and stores. He was one hell of a butler and never liked to disappoint. Keeping Dimirti happy was probably the only thing he wanted to do.


"Okay." Dimitri smiled back, taking the stack of papers from Izumi. They were done with the routine once again. But this time they wouldn't be doing this for another month. He looked over at the pile of papers, and then at his clothes. All he had on was his high school jacket and sweatpants. He had to get ready before the Editor came.

Dimitri thought for a second, scratching his head. "How about Italian?" he suggested looking at the clock. "I'm going to take a shower." he said turning around. "Could you bring me my clothes, Izumi?" he asked leaving the room. He would do it himself, but he really didn't have a clue when it came to dressing 'formal'.

Dimitri passed two rooms down the hall, as he turned into the third one. Turning on the water, and letting it warm up while he undressed. He had a whirlpool bath in the other bathroom but he always preferred to use a shower. It was quicker, and worked with his busy schedule.


"Of course." Izumi bowed when Dimitri left the room and looked at the stack of papers. He used a large clip to hold the papers together so they wouldn't go flying about or missing. At least Dimitri was allowed to take a vacation for once and relax. He took the tray back to the kitchen and placed the snacks under a glass cover for later. He set the tray on the counter and stared at it for a moment. "Italian?" Izumi thought of the places around the area that suited his bosses tastes.

It seemed like a bit of a drive but it seemed like a good place. He remembered a small Italian restaurant that served a variety of different plates. Not your usual spaghetti which wasn't really all that Italian seeing as how the Chinese invented pasta. Izumi made reservations for them and went to get formal wear for Dimitri. The editor was supposed to be here soon. Perhaps it was a good idea to prepare some coffee before they arrived...

Nevertheless, Izumi pulled out a suit for the blond writer and proceeded to the bathroom. He knocked on the door with the suit on a hanger, clean and ironed as well as a towel. He wasn't sure if Dimitri forgot again so he brought the towel just in case. "Sir, I have your clothing ready, and a towel if you need it." Izumi spoke through the door loud enough to hear through the running water .


Dimitri got into the shower, letting the water hit his bare body. It was refreshing but he had to hurry, the editor would be here in a few minutes. Grabbing the soap, he poured it into his hand and began lathering his body with it.

Once he heard Izumi knocking on the door, he quickly ran shampoo through his hair and washed it out. He shut the water off and opened the curtain. The other boy was right, he forgot a towel. He dried himself off as much as he could before stepping out of the shower and across the room to the door.

Dimitri opened the door, not caring too much about exposing his body. They were both guys, and he’s known Izumi for a couple of years now. "Thanks" he said, first taking the suit and putting it on the hook on the other side of the door, and then the towel, wrapping it around his waist.


Izumi stood by the door when Dimirti opened the door. Sure they'd known each other for a few years now but he still wasn't used to the site of the blond's body. He was actually taken by surprise a bit when he opened the door...naked. Izumi hid a small blush for a second and tried not to look down until he was properly covered. "It's my job." He smiled, composed once again.

"I've made reservations already that I hope you'll like." He paused for a moment, looking at his watch. "The editor should be here any moment. Should I make some coffee or tea?" The raven haired boy asked as he started making his way back to the kitchen. He turned to look at Dimitri for his answer, before leaving him to get dressed.


Dimitri smiled as he brushed his wet hair out of his eyes. " Coffee would be nice." he said ashe closed the door. He dried his hair with the twoel before taking the suit of the banger and putting it on.

After dressing, Dimitri put the twoel and his dirty clothes in the hamper. He stood by the mirror fixing his hair with a comb. Taaking the toothpaste, he took off the cap and squeezed out the blue toothpaste onto a toothbrush. He quickly brushed his teeth, looking at his watch. The Editor was a bit late, but that ment he would be here any minute. Once Dimitri heard the doorbell, he rinsed off the toothbrush, and headed out of the room.


"Of course." Izumi bowed. "Excuse me." He made his way to the kitchen to make coffee. Once the bell rang, he had two cups of coffee ready set at the table as well as a bowl of cubed sugars and a separate cup of cream. He went to answer the door, politely greeting Dimirti's editor. "Welcome, he should be out any moment." He placed a hand on his chest and showed the guest to the table where the coffee and manuscript was on the table. "I made from fresh coffee, please help yourself."

"Sir, your guest has arrived." Izumi called out to Dimitri as he stood by the table across from the editor. He didn't want to be rude in anyway. Of course, Izumi had met his editor many times before but his formality was natural...maybe it was a bit to formal? He stood with a smile on his lips waiting for Dimitri.


"Good afternoon." Dimitri said as he walked into the room.

"You’re barely making your deadlines Dimitri. We need to keep up."

'Oh I’m fine, thanks for asking.' Dimitri mumbled to himself as he took the stack of papers from his desk and placed them on the table next to the coffee. His Editor wasn’t the friendliest person, and not someone who he would want to be with, but he got the job done.

For the rest of the hour, the two just talked about the upcoming book Dimitri would have to make once he got on his vacation. There wasn't much to talk about, seeing that he already started on the first few chapters. Usually his Editor would be here for 3 or 4 hours. Today he just came to pick up the manuscript and see his progress on the next book. So it had only been an hour.

"Keep up on those scripts Dimitri."

Dimitri nodded as he watched the man leave. He sighed as he drank the rest of his coffee. He had a little bit to himself until dinner. He laid down on the couch staring out the window. He was lost in his thoughts, still thinking about what he was doing to do on his vacation.


Izumi showed his editor the way out. "Thank you for coming." This visit was quicker then the usual meetings. Well at least it allowed time for Dimirti to relax. Was he technically on vacation now that his editor was gone? During the hour, Izumi managed to do laundry and tidy up a bit. After washing the dishes, he noticed the blond laying down on the couch in a daze.

Walking over, Izumi dried his hands on a towel and folded it, laying it down on the counter as his passed it. He kneeled down till he was face to face with Dimitri. "Something on your mind sir?" Izumi asked. It seemed like he was separated from the world at the moment.


"Hmm?--Oh." he said turning his head to face the other boys. "Just been thinking of my vacation." he said. " I want to go somewhere for my vacation but I have no one to go with." he said, hoping that Izume caught the message. He wanted to go with Izume to be together. Not as butler and master, but just as friends.

"But even if I find someone I wouldn't know where to go." he said looking into Izume’s blue eyes. "What do you think?" he asked smiling. Now that he thinks about it, technically he would be on a vacation too. If Dimitri was gone then the other would have nothing to do. Wouldn’t have to clean or anything.


"Your vacation?" He questioned, seemingly Dimitri was hinting him that he wanted to be accompanied on his trip to where ever. Which was odd since the writer could have picked anyone he wanted to go with him."I could accompany you if you wish." Izumi was going to be free the entire month if Dimitri was gone. Actually, he couldn't even imagine what he would do to fill the time in if Dimitri was gone.

Izumi looked back into his green eyes with the same polite smile on his lips. "And if I join you, where do you think you would like to go?" He asked. Izumi didn't mind going on vacation with Dimitri either. He'd still probably wade on him hand and foot even if he didn't need to. After all these years he was used to it by now, it kind of became a force of habit to talk formally now after all these years.


"Of course you can go." Dimitri said in an excited voice. Now, the only thing was where to go...He didn't have a clue where to go. Maybe they could go to the hotsprings out of town. Or find a nice hotel by the beach. What would Izumi want to do though? Knowing if he asked him though, he would say where ever is fine though.

"Well where would you like to go? I'm up for anything honestly. I just want to get out of this house." he said still thinking about where to go. They couldn't do much in town so it had to be somewhere away. Which also ment a road or plane trip. Dimitri has never been on a plane before though. He stretched his hands out to Izumi, fixing the tie on his suit that was leaning to the left a bit.


"Anywhere if fine." Izumi smiled, answering. Dimitri was probably expecting that answer from him. He didn't really care, it would be nice to go anywhere or do anything. He was happy to be with Dimitri and wanted what he wanted. "Whatever you want I can set it up for" Izumi fixed his wording at the end for a moment because he forgot that he was invited as well.

Looking down, he saw Dimitri fixed his tie but he couldn't help but be a bit flustered. His tie was offset a bit, and also that Dimitri was fixing it for him. "Thank you, sir." Izumi smiled kindly, looking back at the other. "Is there any place in mind you would like to go or something you wanted to do?" He questioned, thinking of places they could go. For once, he couldn't think of once place that Dimitri would want to go on vacation. Perhaps it'd been to long since they both took a vacation. Izumi mentally chuckled seeing as how he couldn't remember how long ago he last took a vacation.


Dimitri still couldn’t think of where to go. But I guess they had to decide before it was too late. "What about the springs?" he said recalling the city he went for a book signing. He stayed in a hotel that was next to the springs. The hotel really wasn’t that bad either. That would be the perfect place to go.

"What about the springs? Just out of town." he said. It was only an hour drive. It wouldn't be too bad getting there. Also when they were there in the city there were probably lots of things to do. It was large an next to a beach, with lots of shops, restaurants, and some sites.


"If you wish." Izumi smiled, he recalled that place. It wasn't to bad there either. "I'll be sure to call ahead to let them know were coming." He looked at his watch again. "We should be heading out soon." He warned at time drew closer. "Are you sure you want to eat out tonight?" It wasn't polite of him to ask something Dimitri wanted to do but it'd been so long that he wasn't sure.

It was exciting to eat out for once thought. Izumi couldn't remember the last time they ate out as well. It was an odd feeling to be honest. Almost like they were going out on a date, but he knew that he shouldn't look at it that way. They were two friends that were going out for dinner. The other, being him, just happened to work for the other. The restaurant he choose for them was quite nice as well. It was small and quiet but they might have to drive their if Dimitri wasn't up for a walk. Not that he didn't mind either.


"Of course, I wouldn’t cancel our date. Are you ready?" he smiled looking at their clothes. Were they too dressy for the restaurant? But he guessed people would just think they were having a business meeting or something like that. He stood up off the couch, standing next to Izumi.

When Dimitri said date he meant like a date as in two friends. He wondered if Izumi took it the wrong way. Ignoring it he looked back at the other boy. "How far is it?" he asked wondering if they would walk. He didn't like driving too much, and if it was close, it shouldn’t be too big of a deal to walk.


"Ah..of course." Izumi noticed Dimitri looking at their attire. Did he think they were to dressy? He dressed like this everyday so he was used to it. For some reason, he wasn't very used to wearing normal clothes now. The boy was to busy thinking about clothing to notice that Dimirti even said the word date but if he did he'd probably be flustered again. But they were just friends, right?

"It's not to far, we can walk if you'd like." It was a nice day out, walking wasn't to much of a hassle. Plus fresh air was good every now and again. Especially for a writer like Dimitri. He reminded himself to make sure he refitted the other boy for new clothing as well, again. It'd be nice to go out for a walk as well. It was probably what he wanted to do anyway. Everything was set and ready to go, Dimitri just had to say when.


"Why don't we change real quick. We are going to stand out if he go in these." Dimitri said grabbing onto Izumi's hand and pulling him to his room. It was probably too hot to be wearing clothes like a suit in the middle of summer. He thought of some clothes that were a bit big for him that might fit Izumi instead.

Once they were in the room Dimitri's room, he opened the closet door. He walked inside, looking around for clothing for the two of them. He grabbed a white dress shirt and khaki shorts for himself, and turned to Izumi. " See anything you like?" he asked looking around. There were a few things that could see, but some of his own clothes were getting small on even him.


He guessed Dimitri was thinking that they were over dressed. Izumi looked at Dimitri's clothes and pulled out a black t-shirt that he knew was to big for the blond and a pair of jeans. Regular clothes was going to be weird for him. He unbuttoned his vest and undid his tie and folded them neatly. He unbuttoned his shirt and folded that as well setting it aside with the rest of his clothes as he changed.

Izumi was right. It was a weird feeling to be wearing normal clothes now. He turned to Dimitri and smiled. "Is this okay?" He asked, overlooking himself. Thankfully, Izumi and Dimitri were close to body type. He usually wore his suit so he didn't really have regular clothes with him at Dimitri's house.


Dimitri waited for Izumi to pick out some clothes before he started changing. He took his suit and placed it in the hamper, putting on the khakis and the shirt. He looked over to Izumi, watching him change. He has seen the other boy in regular clothes only a few times so this amused him.

"You look good" he said smiling. Dimitri thought he looked better in normal clothes. But he hated formal clothes so it could just be that too. "Are you ready?" he asked buttoning up his shirt, leaving the closet.


Izumi smiled and bowed. "Ready as you are." It wasn't the same without the suit. But he dealed with it. He noticed Dimitri putting his clothes in the hamper and his neatly folded clothes on to the side. It was never a wonder why Dimitri needed him there. Izumi checked his watch again, and they were on time. He waited for Dimitri to exit the room before he did to be polite.

He was actually happy that they were going out tonight. A break was nice for the both of them and now that Izumi was going to be going on a trip with Dimitri he was happy as well. But a regular vacation with him? He wasn't sure since they never had hung out as friends that much, even after all the years he'd been serving Dimitri.


Dimitri left the room heading out to the front door, Opening it as he waited for Izumi. He wondered how the restaurant would be. Some were fine but others were just cheap knockoffs of the good ones. Either way he enjoyed it anyways, only because he was out of the house for once.

"It looks nice out today." he said looking out the door. It was sunny with a slight breeze. He thought about the last time he was outside. All he could remember is that there was snow everywhere. 'Maybe I do work too much' he told himself walking out into the sunlight. This vacation will be good for him.


Izumi followed not far behind, locking the door behind them. "It is nice today." He commented, walking out into the sun as well. "I hope you like the place I choose." Izumi never cared for the weather very much since he probably spent as much time outside as Dimitri did. Possibly a bit more due to grocery shopping but he never paid attention to the weather. It was rather unimportant to him. Slipping the keys into his pocket, he left his hand there. "It's nice to be out for once, isn't it?" He walked forward glancing back behind him at Dimitri to make sure he would follow.


Dimitri was too dazed b y the environment to notice Izumi until he started walking. "It is." he said catching up to his side. Looking over at the other boy noticing he had too look up a little to meet his eyes. "You've gotten taller Izumi" he said smiling. He also noticed something else about his butler. Maybe he was still a bit dazed by the sunlight but for some reason he thought that Izumi looked. Hot. Just the way his handsome face looked in the sun was amazing.

But what was Dimitri thinking? He wasn't gay...Was he? He never had a girlfriend, or even been attracted to women. He also has been attracted to some guys. But he never been in a relationship with a guy or ever been out with one. He sighed trying to clear his head for now. All he wanted to think about was his upcomming vacation.


Izumi looked at himself for a moment but continued walking. "Have I?" He questioned looking over at Dimitri. "It seems you've gotten taller as well, sir." The boy smiled and looked ahead to where they were going. It was an odd feeling to see Dimitri out and about like a normal person now. He was used to seeing him sitting at his desk, writing a new chapter or book. Izumi had to admit that he always found the other attractive but their relationship went across as friends as how he saw it. Or the relationship between a butler and his employer.

Then, Izumi noticed a sigh from the blond. He couldn't tell if it was a sigh of content or a sigh of disappointment. "Is something bothering you again?" He asked looking down at his side, keeping his hand in his pocket. Usually his trips out of the house were quiet and undisturbed since he'd always go alone or accompany Dimitri to a meeting of the sort. But he hadn't been out with someone for years now. Izumi wasn't ever really interested into having a relationship with someone back then, and he couldn't remember ever having one as well.


Izumi was right, Dimitri has gotten taller also. Guess they must have hit a growth spurt or somthing. He just smiled and continued along, by the other boys side. It felt good outside, and they picked the perfect day to go out. Maybe after his vacation he should try and take some time to go out for a walk with Izumi.

"Huh?--Oh, it's nothing" he said smiling, trying to reassure him. Usualy Dimitri would talk about his problems with Izumi but this was far too emberassing. "Just been thinking a lot" he continued, looking down at the path in front of them.


"About what?" Izumi asked politely. He'd always liked to listen to what Dimitri had on his mind. It also happened that whenever the other wanted to talk, Izumi was always happy to listen. He never liked to talk about himself though because there was nothing interesting about him. Looking up ahead, the restaurant wasn't to far up ahead now. It was a nice day to go outside. He couldn't imagine what vacation with Dimitri would be like though. It was hard to even come up with the thought that he was going to be joining him at a hot springs.

Now that he thought about it. Izumi had never been to a hot spring before. Actually, he was rather uninteresting now that he thought about it. He never went out before now but he'd always been at work or at school before he started working for Dimitri. Now he usually just spends all of his time over at the writers house, serving his every need. Not that he minded at all.


"Well..." he said scratching his head, biting his bottom lip. Dimitri really shouldn't be talking to Izumi about this. He should be talking to a close friend. But it seemed like Izumi was his closest friend. "Its kind of personal...But.." he said looking ahead of them. They were a little bit away, which gave him enough time to explain it. He continued scratching his head thinking of ways to explain it but anyway he put it, it seemed embarrassing.

Dimitri just decided to come out with it. He looked around a bit, across the street, ahead and behind them. Not wanting anyone unwanted to overhear him and end up in the newspaper the next day. "I think I’m...Gay." he said uneasily, looking away from Izumi. This was it, what was he going to say? Was he going to think he was a freak? Would he quit? He never should have said anything in the start.


Izumi looked around as well. Was what he was going to say top secret or something that he didn't want anyone else to hear? Well, he guessed it did make sense with Dimitri being a writer and everything he didn't want any information leaking out. Izumi was used to personal information now, he'd been working for the writer for years, it wasn't like something would shock him.

"You think?" He asked. Being gay wasn't something to freak out about, but it was slightly funny how embarrassed Dimitri was acting. Actually, Izumi was unsure himself. He never gave any thought about it though. "Is that a problem?" Izumi asked seeing how uneasy Dimitri was acting. Was he nervous about how he was going to react? Maybe that was the reason why he didn't want to tell him at first.


"You don't think its...Weird?" Dimitri asked, still avoiding looking at Izumi by looking at the ground. He was a bit surprised how calm the other was being. It was kind of embarrassed him even more that he was being like this, and Izumi was being as if nothing happened.

Dimitri looked up, still avoiding eye contact, to see that they were just across the street from the restaurant. He recognized it from when he went out for lunch. It was a year ago so he forgot what they even served. He knew it would be good if Izumi said so though. He always seemed to be right about this kind of stuff. He also noticed the change in weather. The breeze was picking up as the sun went down, and it was getting a bit colder also. He should have brought his jacket, knowing the walk back was going to be colder.


"Why would I?" Izumi just smiled as he questioned. He didn't see anything weird about his sexuality. Actually what was more that was on his mind was how Dimitri got into thinking he was gay. Maybe he started having feelings for his editor? No that couldn't be it. Perhaps he met some guy that he didn't know. Even thought he was thinking all of this, Izumi still kept a composed calm face.

He noticed the change in weather as well. He should have brought a jacket with him just in case Dimitri might have needed it. Izumi for some reason, never really got cold unless it was snowing. He didn't really feel it much as well as heat. Being across the street, Izumi looked both ways across down the street to make sure it was safe to cross at the crosswalk. He held out his hand to Dimitri. Not that he was a child or anything but Izumi always had a habit of rushing across the street so he wouldn't cause an accident.


"I don't know...I guess I'm just over reacting." He said thinking of a way to change the subject. "So do you really want to go to the springs for our vacation?" he asked, making sure that Izumi would be happy about it also. "If not we could go somewhere else too. Like I said, I don’t mind where were going, as long as were out of the house." he continued, looking up making sure he doesn't trip.

Dimitri looked at him with a weird expression. What did he think he was, a child? Or was he just teasing him? Or maybe he was just being nice, which seemed more like Izumi. He grabbed onto his hand, as he began crossing the street. But as they were crossing the street, he slightly blushed. Izumi's hand was so warm and soft, he didn't want to let go. This brought up another thing though. Was he falling for his butler? A moment ago he just called him hot, and now he’s holding his hand, hiding a blush.


Izumi smiled as they walked across the street. "I don't mind. I've never been to a hot spring before." He didn't mind where they went as well. It was nice to get out and take a vacation, and one with Dimitri nonetheless. The boy looked over once to see a small blush on Dimitri's cheeks. Did he do that? Just by holding his hand?

When they were across the street, he wasn't sure to let go of his hand or not. Well maybe it wasn't the thought that he wasn't sure, maybe it was more like he didn't want to. Maybe Dimitri would pull away first. Izumi didn't move his hand away from the other as he looked at the restaurant. "Um...Here we are." Izumi smiled as he looked at the restaurant. He was probably trying to distract himself from the thought of holding Dimitri's hand by switching to the thought of the restaurant.


"Okay." Dimitri said, his blush clearing up now. "Just tell me if you change your mind" he continued as they got to the other side. "Yeah....Here we are" he repeated after Izumi, looking up at him. Why wasn't he letting go? He waited a few seconds before finally letting go and walking ahead to the door. It wasn’t that he wanted to, but if anyone was to see them, it would be worse that someone overhearing them before.


'Ah, he let go.' Izumi thought as he looked at Dimitri for a moment before stepping ahead of him. He politely opened the door stepping to the side to let him through. This restaurant was nice, he was sure that Dimitri had come here for lunch before and he seemed to have liked it. The recommendation for it was high as well and it was close. "After you." He offered before stepping inside after him.


Mulvier nodded as he walked in "Thanks". Even out of the house he was just the same. Izumi needs the vacation as much as he did. "You made the reservations right?" he asked as he looked around. Luckily no one seemed to notice him. There was always one person who would stare at him as if he were a dog walking on his hine legs. He turned around and smiled at the other, waiting for him.


Izumi looked at Dimitri and nodded. "Of course." He turned to the woman who greeted them. "Last name?" Leaning in, he told her his last name that he reserved the table for. He called ahead to ask for a table where Dimitri wouldn't get recognized easily. Thankfully this was a small restaurant. "Right this way." Izumi smiled and followed the woman to their table which was quiet and near the back by a window. It was a table for two and the waitress set their menu's down and walked away. He smiled at Dimitri, allowing him to sit first.


Dimitri followed the two, as she showed them to their table. Once they were there, he watched the hostess leave before drawing his attention back to Izumi. He was waiting for him to sit down. So he did so, smiling back and he took a seat, waiting for him to do the same. He picked up the menu, skimming through it, looking for anything that looked good. He looked up at the other boy every now and then though, thinking about what he said earlier. It still bothered him, but he tried to ignore it, as he continued looking at the menu.


Izumi took his seat and thanks the woman. He smiled looking at his menu as well. He noticed Dimitri looking at at him every once in a while. Did he do something weird? Say something that bothered him? Looking through the menu, he found somethings that seemed that they were good. In his mind, his own cooking was better than any restaurants. Izumi pretended to be interested in what was on the menu even though he knew what he was getting. "Is something bothering you again?" He asked not taking his eyes off the menu. Just in case he might have offended Dimitri.


Dimitri continued scanning through the menu. He found a few things that he wanted but he continued in case he wanted something else. He also looked though it to distract him, from any unwanted thoughts he’s been having recently. "Nothings wrong." he said finally deciding what he wanted. He put the menu down and looked out the window. The thinner trees were arching, which meant the breeze was picking up. The sun was also going down a bit, turning the sky a light orange.


Izumi set down his menu and lanced his fingers together with his elbows on the table. He knew something was bothering him. He didn't spend the past couple of years to not know when something was bothering Dimitri. The boy glanced out the window to see the weather had changed again. He turned back to look at Dimitri. "Then is something bothering you?" Izumi didn't mean to pry but he was always there to talk about anything.


Dimitri continued staring out the window watching the trees wave in the wind. He looked up at Izumi with an expressionless face. The other boy really didn't like to give up. He also always knew when something was wrong, and always bothered him until he told him what. “I told you, nothings wrong." he said smiling, as an attempt to reassure him. “Just relax, okay?" he said as the waitress headed down the aisle to their table.


Izumi glanced at the waitress as she headed towards their table. He leaned back in his chair. His blue eyes fixated on Dimitri. His fingers entangled in his hair, his head leaning to the side a bit. "I'll keep bothering you until you tell me." Izumi spoke in a low tone. He crossed his legs as well as he arms as he watched Dimitri with a small smirk on his lips.


Dimitri looked up at Izumi with a smirk like his own. "Bother me more and I'll fire you." he joked knowing that would never happen. He was the closest person to him, not to mention the most helpful. "Hello, my name is Amy, I will be your waitress for today, what can I get you two to drink?" the woman said, almost too fast for him to hear. "Iced tea please" he said with a friendly smile.


"I think I'll take my chances." Izumi answered in a joking manner. He looked towards the waitress who said her name was Amy and asked them what they wanted to drink. It was an odd feeling being asked. Not something he was used to as to being the one who usually asked others. "Water is fine for me." The boy didn't like it when others made tea because usually it would turn out much worse then when he would make it. Izumi gave her a charming smile as he spoke. "Are you two ready to order now?" The waitress asked turning to look at Dimitri then Izumi.


Dimitri didn't respond to Izumi, instead he just stuck out his tongue at him, childishly. "Yes. Umm..." He said reviewing the menu, remembering what he was going to get. "The Fettuccine Alfredo, please." he said looking up at her, before closing the menu and handing it to her. "And you, sir?" she asked, scribbling down on a small par with a pen.


Izumi simply gave a small chuckle as he caught Dimitri sticking his tongue out at him. "I'll have the lasagna." He didn't take favor to Italian food. It was messy and didn't really fit his pallet. Uncrossing his arms, Izumi handed his menu to the waitress. "Thank you." As soon as the waitress left, Izumi rested his chin on his hand as he looked out the window. A sigh escaped his lips as he watched the thin trees lean. He didn't want to bring up the topic again in case Dimitri might've gotten mad at him.


"So...Izumi." he said, trying to make conversation. It felt a bit weird. They didn't have much of what people called 'small talk'. Usualy the only time they would talk is if something was on his mind. Or if he needed something. "You realize its going to be freezing by the time we leave." he stated, not sure what to talk about. Though he was sure the other would bring up his problem. And eventually he was going to admit it. But certinly not here.


His blue eyes looked at Dimitri from the corner of his eye until he fully turned to face him. "Would you like me to go get your jacket?" He possed the question. It did seem that the weather was going to change but the cold never bother Izumi since he was always warm for some reason. He didn't want Dimitri to be cold. Maybe he should've thought about that before they left. The resturaunt wasn't far so he could've just gone back to get it.