Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lul...my dream

A figure came through the mirror and grabbed the young lady. Earlier she had been shopping in the mall with her group of stuck up friends. They were very high and mighty on where they shopped and always made fun of those people that shopped around them. The store was packed with clothings of checkered and a pleather of colors. There was no scream to be heard. Not if the man didn't want a scream to be heard. Moments later the young lady woke up bound by chello strings from the ceiling. She screamed and thrashed to break free but it was no use. The man came out with a wicked smile. He had a disgusting smell to him and looked like he hadn't showered in months. His teeth were rotted and his hair was extremly natted. He grinned towards the woman as she stared at him fearful of her life. "Your friends aren't coming." Earlier when she was in the store with her friends, she was trying on clothes. While she was pulled in her so called friends were distracted and left the store without even telling her.

After what seemed like a month of torture, the young girl was still not killed. An older woman came in a hushed tone with what seemed to be the middle of the night. She'd lost track. She had string cutters and procceded to cut her from the chello prison which the strange man kept her in. On the last wire. the older woman cut successfully and was grabbed from behind. The man with his whicked disgusting grin spoke. "And that's the last of the seven sercumses." And with a scyth sliced her throat open as blood squirted onto the other girl's face. The scene faded back to the mall after that...I assume the other girl is dead too. That or she fell out of the mirror and then like...changed characters...

In the mall the Russo family [/from Wizards of weaveryly place] were out shopping. Alex called her friend "Kristan" to feel safe. She told her to always stay by her side because she was fearful of seeing the man again....Or something...Apparently, he can pull people away and make them disappear when they're alone. The family and Kristan stopped by a donut stand where only 3 people worked. They seemed to be a family but none of the stands lights were on and nothing seemed to be cooking. Yet there was products out. It seemed supicious but everyone was to stupid to notice. The family happly ate the products and other working family started arguing. They offered the kids a job as Alex asked how much the pay was. Suddenly, Kristan has run off on her own so Alex went to stay close to her as much as possible. Where ever she went she would be attached to her. 30 minutes before the mall closed, Kristan wandered outside. Alex frantically searched for her and followed her. "Relax there's nothing that's gonna go wrong. There's only 30 minutes left." Just as she said that Kristan disappeared like a ghost that was blows by the wind. He got her. Alex screamed and ran back inside the mall yelling out Kristans name. One of her friends came down the stairs asking what. Horrible moment. The other girls name was Kristan too and started complaing about how she was missing a sale because Alex called her. [/The one taken actually looks like my friend Christina]

Character changes to me as well as setting. I was running down the hallway of a high class hotel looking for my friend. Ghosts passed by me that sent shivers down my spine. How I coudl see them I don't know. I passed by the ballroom where a party was going on. Music was blasting and there was a moon bounce inside. The lights were off and black lights were on and people glowed rave colors. Ignoring it, I was in desperate need to find my friend. Finally, I reached [/supposibly] the hall I was looking for. I raced down as I saw 7 people limping or crawling down the hall. They were all injured and were missing limbs and the lady was had her throat sliced as struggling down the hallway as well. It seemed we were trying to reach the same place. We were all trying to stop that scary man. I found it odd that were was a tube going along the wall. It was covered by a long plastic bag. I reached for it and started trying to cut through the tube and plastic. Then I heard the laugh and the man ghosted by my side. The grabbed my hands to try and stop me. "You shouldn't do that." I continued to bite and tear at the tub and plastic and he continued to try and stop me. I was surprised he didn't kill me but I tore the plastic tube as a strange liquid spilled onto the floor as the man disappeared. I felt like I'd done this before. I don't know why I grabbed the tube and ripped it apart. Perhaps because subconciously I knew I had a dream with that in it before and had to destroy it to fix the problem.

Soon the ghosts that terrorized people disappeared from the hotel. I ran from the hallways back to the ballroom cause now everyone was safe. I ran past the ghost which turned out back into people in costumes. I ran inside the ballroom to find Emily as the music stopped as she stopped bouncing. "Do you really love me?" She looked at me slightly worried. She was wearing her Fran cosplay as well. "Of course I do." I ran to her and practically tackled her to the padding before and kissed her passionatly >3>;;
The music began again and that was the end of my terribly weird scary dream xD :3