Saturday, August 22, 2009


OTL...Home Finally! I'm Home! It's 2:20 am and I'm Finally home!
So I left yesterday [/Friday] morning at 6:00 am from San Clemente, CA
And now I'm back home today [/Saturday] at 2:20 am at Clackamas, OR

It was a horrid drive there and back -A-
Long drives...Not for me.
ANYWAY I'm glad I went! I went to the beach, played with animals.
Especially Willis #_# I love Willis XD
He's such a cute puppy and he's HUGE!
I met P-Vikky and P-George and my cousin Jojo who's like freaking tall @_@
Seriously XD He was so tall!
Anyway I saw my aunt there too, I hope she feels better.

So I think my relationship with my step-brother's gotten better
I mean 2 full days in a car together and like....
hours at the beach together can probably do that XD

Um...Yeah so I stopped in LA to buy something and I bought Candy -A-
Yes....nom nom nom Candy XD
I thought megan would like that since she plays LA in a hetalia rp

Well I got lots of pictures and videos so I'll probably put the video's all together and stick them on my youtube.
Which when I checked my email it was full of youtube comments XD

Right next part of this blog.
I like complained about this to my friends on meebo XD [/since i didn't wanna screw everything up on the computer there and wireless didn't work on my laptop]
But like my brother and I went for a long walk on the beach to go see some surfers.

LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH ARE NOT FUN NOR ROMANTIC! people who say they love it...either are lying, crazy, or have never actually done it XD
I hated it so much XD
I got a cut on my leg so when I got hit by the water
It was salt water too -3-

So Long walks on beach for sugarlat = not fun

I kept myself busy usually by sleeping most of the way or texting
Tsuna~, or Mumu, or Pyo, or Jacob, or Syd and...other people XD
Mostly Tsuna and Mumu, and Syd.
I played my ds a lot and listened to myself sing [/likes listening to me singing XD]
I got this game called Lux_Pain.
It's a pretty interesting game. Graphics are nice but it get's repetitive
Over a long time.
Pretty though xD
I don't highly recommend it but If it sounds interesting to you look into the game first before you buy it.

I usually just played Twewy and beat the chapters and stuff.
I tried playing cooking mama but then got frustrated and quit XD
I played OSU! too which is the Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents.
Which reminds me I need to give KH:CoM back to Himi-chan..

Next week I'm finishing all my cosplays and commissions.
I'm even paying my mom to help me get them all done on time.
I have 4 left to do and do some final touches on my own cosplays.
Con's coming up fast yo and I gots to be ready XD
Customers are always first though.

Also Marie[Sayda] hasn't gotten back to me about the black wig -A-
I sent her a message some time ago about shipping it to her for free but she still hasn't gotten back to me about it OTL I feel so bad...
I hope everything works out. I've been so busy with family problems and commissions
that nothing is working out right.

Next time, Dana...Slap me if I take commissions a month close to con ever again!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In California~

After a 23 hour drive I'm here 8D
Seriously @_@ it was so long!
I was asleep for mos of the time but like we stopped in San Francisco and like went over the golden gates lol
I'm at my aunts house and we'll be leaving friday morning.
I'm about to have dindin lol om nom nom
My cousin designs t-shirts and their really cool too 8D
There's 2 cats, Bear and Neapolitan and one huge dog named Willis
All the pets really like me lol
I'm glad I could get down here to see my aunt I hope she feels better...
I met my cousin Gorgie and my cousin Vikky...I think their my cousins lol
Asian families work in weird ways XD
Anyway I went to the beach and learned how to boogie board and walked A LOT
Long walks on the beach IS NOT FUN
I don't know why people like it so much XD
Anyway time to go 8D see you guys when I get back to Oregon!