Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Max trains, Hazu's, Ice cream oh my!

Alright so I woke up this morning. 6 am.
Damn internal clock was early one hour then when i set my alarm.
So i waited, talked to Valky until my mom woke up around 8.
I asked her to go to the mall to hang out with dana and shiz and she said it was fine.
Spontaneous no? I was kinda praying she'd let me go.
Cause ya know what? Syd was staying over at Hazu's house and so I wanted to see her.
So ya know I got on the bus at 11. Got the the town center and shit.
Got on the wrong bus XD

It went to the same place but it just took like an hour longer XD
Sat next to this hot guy. Almost got his number. Oh well lol.
Hmm...Got on the max and texted saying I was there.
And shit, you know what? I waited an hour for those guys XD
THEY TOOK FOREVER! Seriously XD I started getting more irritated with every max that passed waiting for them lol
When they got here, met a friend and climbed over railing XD
We hung out at the Lloyd for a bit. Screwed around got icee's and whatnot then we like...
Went to Hazu's yeah!

I nearly fell asleep on the max there lol. [/cause I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 6]
I was afraid that if I feel asleep Hazu
would lose track of where we were and we'd get lost though xD
After that we went to powell's and I was looking up some secret hush hush stuff for my secret cosplay and Syd was following me around lol
Had to control myself when we were alone in the back though xD
After that we got ice cream and Syd's daiquiri ice cream tasted like freaking lipstick.
It was so gross.

Dana, Syd and I shared a banana split where Hazu got one all to herself XD
Oh yeah did i mention in the car I made Syd sit in the middle the whole time? XD
After ice cream we got pizza and went to Hazu's to nom.
Candy came over and we did stuff that I don't remember and had dead baby jokes and stuff.
I think Hazu, Syd and Dana were all like "Wtf you eat pizza with a knife and fork?"
Yeah I do lol.

So Candy, Dana and I were screwing around on Pictochat while Syd and Hazu were watching the Sora show.
The one were Luxord and that other guy dress up as Olete and Namine to find Sora's weakness
After that we screwed around downstairs and I proved that I was seme.
[/i won]
And stuff. Um...then we went home but I did something before leaving


Yeah that's what I did.
Dana's dad drove me home and I like fell asleep in the car with Piggy
"Mr. Mew" from TWEWY in my lap lol
And now I'm home typing this! Yeah...Exciting day no?