Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh man.

So much has been going on.
Suessical has been seriously stressing me out lately.
Our first show is in 5 days and like...everything is just so tough.
It's like back breaking work.
It's so hard to deal with it.
I still need to go buy gifts and stuff and mothers day is like next week.
I don't even know what the hell I'm gonna do for my mom.
I need to think of something...
I need to go shopping.
I need so much stuff that I'm lacking.
Quizzes in school. Stupid spanish and quadratics.
It's so stressful man. I'm telling you.
Well since the last time I typed I created 2 new vocaloids which you can find on my youtube
one's a male named Kei Yoshiro and the other is a cute girl names Maki Natsuo.
Both are voiced by me. Man wouldn't it be cool if they were featured on wiki on the fan vocaloid site?
haha anyway I'm in my Cake on a plane meeting right now so I g2g bye!