Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lul...my dream

A figure came through the mirror and grabbed the young lady. Earlier she had been shopping in the mall with her group of stuck up friends. They were very high and mighty on where they shopped and always made fun of those people that shopped around them. The store was packed with clothings of checkered and a pleather of colors. There was no scream to be heard. Not if the man didn't want a scream to be heard. Moments later the young lady woke up bound by chello strings from the ceiling. She screamed and thrashed to break free but it was no use. The man came out with a wicked smile. He had a disgusting smell to him and looked like he hadn't showered in months. His teeth were rotted and his hair was extremly natted. He grinned towards the woman as she stared at him fearful of her life. "Your friends aren't coming." Earlier when she was in the store with her friends, she was trying on clothes. While she was pulled in her so called friends were distracted and left the store without even telling her.

After what seemed like a month of torture, the young girl was still not killed. An older woman came in a hushed tone with what seemed to be the middle of the night. She'd lost track. She had string cutters and procceded to cut her from the chello prison which the strange man kept her in. On the last wire. the older woman cut successfully and was grabbed from behind. The man with his whicked disgusting grin spoke. "And that's the last of the seven sercumses." And with a scyth sliced her throat open as blood squirted onto the other girl's face. The scene faded back to the mall after that...I assume the other girl is dead too. That or she fell out of the mirror and then like...changed characters...

In the mall the Russo family [/from Wizards of weaveryly place] were out shopping. Alex called her friend "Kristan" to feel safe. She told her to always stay by her side because she was fearful of seeing the man again....Or something...Apparently, he can pull people away and make them disappear when they're alone. The family and Kristan stopped by a donut stand where only 3 people worked. They seemed to be a family but none of the stands lights were on and nothing seemed to be cooking. Yet there was products out. It seemed supicious but everyone was to stupid to notice. The family happly ate the products and other working family started arguing. They offered the kids a job as Alex asked how much the pay was. Suddenly, Kristan has run off on her own so Alex went to stay close to her as much as possible. Where ever she went she would be attached to her. 30 minutes before the mall closed, Kristan wandered outside. Alex frantically searched for her and followed her. "Relax there's nothing that's gonna go wrong. There's only 30 minutes left." Just as she said that Kristan disappeared like a ghost that was blows by the wind. He got her. Alex screamed and ran back inside the mall yelling out Kristans name. One of her friends came down the stairs asking what. Horrible moment. The other girls name was Kristan too and started complaing about how she was missing a sale because Alex called her. [/The one taken actually looks like my friend Christina]

Character changes to me as well as setting. I was running down the hallway of a high class hotel looking for my friend. Ghosts passed by me that sent shivers down my spine. How I coudl see them I don't know. I passed by the ballroom where a party was going on. Music was blasting and there was a moon bounce inside. The lights were off and black lights were on and people glowed rave colors. Ignoring it, I was in desperate need to find my friend. Finally, I reached [/supposibly] the hall I was looking for. I raced down as I saw 7 people limping or crawling down the hall. They were all injured and were missing limbs and the lady was had her throat sliced as struggling down the hallway as well. It seemed we were trying to reach the same place. We were all trying to stop that scary man. I found it odd that were was a tube going along the wall. It was covered by a long plastic bag. I reached for it and started trying to cut through the tube and plastic. Then I heard the laugh and the man ghosted by my side. The grabbed my hands to try and stop me. "You shouldn't do that." I continued to bite and tear at the tub and plastic and he continued to try and stop me. I was surprised he didn't kill me but I tore the plastic tube as a strange liquid spilled onto the floor as the man disappeared. I felt like I'd done this before. I don't know why I grabbed the tube and ripped it apart. Perhaps because subconciously I knew I had a dream with that in it before and had to destroy it to fix the problem.

Soon the ghosts that terrorized people disappeared from the hotel. I ran from the hallways back to the ballroom cause now everyone was safe. I ran past the ghost which turned out back into people in costumes. I ran inside the ballroom to find Emily as the music stopped as she stopped bouncing. "Do you really love me?" She looked at me slightly worried. She was wearing her Fran cosplay as well. "Of course I do." I ran to her and practically tackled her to the padding before and kissed her passionatly >3>;;
The music began again and that was the end of my terribly weird scary dream xD :3

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ice cream smiles for us!

I like never post anymore XD
Today I went over to pyo's to work on some calligraphy after teaching the art of Tea ceremonies to the Japanese culture club.
There's gonna be a tea ceremony at school monday.
and we were having green tea ice cream for dessert when pyo pulled the lid off XD
There was a hole that looked like a mouth and so I took the spoon and made two eyes XD
it just like made my day and put a smile on my face.
Cause ice cream is always happy when eaten by Pyo and Monica XD

Saturday, August 22, 2009


OTL...Home Finally! I'm Home! It's 2:20 am and I'm Finally home!
So I left yesterday [/Friday] morning at 6:00 am from San Clemente, CA
And now I'm back home today [/Saturday] at 2:20 am at Clackamas, OR

It was a horrid drive there and back -A-
Long drives...Not for me.
ANYWAY I'm glad I went! I went to the beach, played with animals.
Especially Willis #_# I love Willis XD
He's such a cute puppy and he's HUGE!
I met P-Vikky and P-George and my cousin Jojo who's like freaking tall @_@
Seriously XD He was so tall!
Anyway I saw my aunt there too, I hope she feels better.

So I think my relationship with my step-brother's gotten better
I mean 2 full days in a car together and like....
hours at the beach together can probably do that XD

Um...Yeah so I stopped in LA to buy something and I bought Candy -A-
Yes....nom nom nom Candy XD
I thought megan would like that since she plays LA in a hetalia rp

Well I got lots of pictures and videos so I'll probably put the video's all together and stick them on my youtube.
Which when I checked my email it was full of youtube comments XD

Right next part of this blog.
I like complained about this to my friends on meebo XD [/since i didn't wanna screw everything up on the computer there and wireless didn't work on my laptop]
But like my brother and I went for a long walk on the beach to go see some surfers.


Seriously...like people who say they love it...either are lying, crazy, or have never actually done it XD
I hated it so much XD
I got a cut on my leg so when I got hit by the water
It was salt water too -3-

So Long walks on beach for sugarlat = not fun

I kept myself busy usually by sleeping most of the way or texting
Tsuna~, or Mumu, or Pyo, or Jacob, or Syd and...other people XD
Mostly Tsuna and Mumu, and Syd.
I played my ds a lot and listened to myself sing [/likes listening to me singing XD]
I got this game called Lux_Pain.
It's a pretty interesting game. Graphics are nice but it get's repetitive
Over a long time.
Pretty though xD
I don't highly recommend it but If it sounds interesting to you look into the game first before you buy it.

I usually just played Twewy and beat the chapters and stuff.
I tried playing cooking mama but then got frustrated and quit XD
I played OSU! too which is the Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents.
Which reminds me I need to give KH:CoM back to Himi-chan..

Next week I'm finishing all my cosplays and commissions.
I'm even paying my mom to help me get them all done on time.
I have 4 left to do and do some final touches on my own cosplays.
Con's coming up fast yo and I gots to be ready XD
Customers are always first though.

Also Marie[Sayda] hasn't gotten back to me about the black wig -A-
I sent her a message some time ago about shipping it to her for free but she still hasn't gotten back to me about it OTL I feel so bad...
I hope everything works out. I've been so busy with family problems and commissions
that nothing is working out right.

Next time, Dana...Slap me if I take commissions a month close to con ever again!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In California~

After a 23 hour drive I'm here 8D
Seriously @_@ it was so long!
I was asleep for mos of the time but like we stopped in San Francisco and like went over the golden gates lol
I'm at my aunts house and we'll be leaving friday morning.
I'm about to have dindin lol om nom nom
My cousin designs t-shirts and their really cool too 8D
There's 2 cats, Bear and Neapolitan and one huge dog named Willis
All the pets really like me lol
I'm glad I could get down here to see my aunt I hope she feels better...
I met my cousin Gorgie and my cousin Vikky...I think their my cousins lol
Asian families work in weird ways XD
Anyway I went to the beach and learned how to boogie board and walked A LOT
Long walks on the beach IS NOT FUN
I don't know why people like it so much XD
Anyway time to go 8D see you guys when I get back to Oregon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cosplay list

Past cosplays:
Sai [Naruto]
Temari [Naruto]
Miyuki [Lucky Star]
Simca [Air gear]
Christmas Haku [Org. Vocal]
Akito [Air Gear]
Konishi [TWEWY]
Saya [Blood+]
Misa Amane [Death Note]
Kikyo [Inuyasha]
Enma Ai [Jigoku Shojo]
Tifa Lockheart [FF] (Might bring it out for the con)
Hunny [Ouran] (Might bring it out for the con)
Kimono Hunny [Org. Ouran]
Haruhi Suzumiya [TMoHS]
Itsuko Koizumi [GB:TMoHS]
Shia (Pajama) [Pita ten]
Rokasona [Org. KH]
Ikuto [Shugo Chara]
Kumoricon Mascot [Org. Kumo] (Might bring it out for the con)
Pocky-tan [Org. Pocky]

Rin [Vocaloid]
Yaya Nanto [SP]
Joshua [TWEWY]
Sheryl Nome [Macross Frontier]
Shirley Fennet [Code Geass]

Elizabeth [Kuroshitsuji]
Roxel [Org. KH] (Might be for con)
Axel [KH] (Maybe...)
Ritsuka [Loveless]
Dino [Reborn]
Gokudera [Reborn] (Might be for con)
Geraferig [Gijinka] (Might be con)
Tadase [Shugo Chara]

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miku Clock

I found this miku clock and I tired to upload it but it didn't work XD

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Max trains, Hazu's, Ice cream oh my!

Alright so I woke up this morning. 6 am.
Damn internal clock was early one hour then when i set my alarm.
So i waited, talked to Valky until my mom woke up around 8.
I asked her to go to the mall to hang out with dana and shiz and she said it was fine.
Spontaneous no? I was kinda praying she'd let me go.
Cause ya know what? Syd was staying over at Hazu's house and so I wanted to see her.
So ya know I got on the bus at 11. Got the the town center and shit.
Got on the wrong bus XD

It went to the same place but it just took like an hour longer XD
Sat next to this hot guy. Almost got his number. Oh well lol.
Hmm...Got on the max and texted saying I was there.
And shit, you know what? I waited an hour for those guys XD
THEY TOOK FOREVER! Seriously XD I started getting more irritated with every max that passed waiting for them lol
When they got here, met a friend and climbed over railing XD
We hung out at the Lloyd for a bit. Screwed around got icee's and whatnot then we like...
Went to Hazu's yeah!

I nearly fell asleep on the max there lol. [/cause I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 6]
I was afraid that if I feel asleep Hazu
would lose track of where we were and we'd get lost though xD
After that we went to powell's and I was looking up some secret hush hush stuff for my secret cosplay and Syd was following me around lol
Had to control myself when we were alone in the back though xD
After that we got ice cream and Syd's daiquiri ice cream tasted like freaking lipstick.
It was so gross.

Dana, Syd and I shared a banana split where Hazu got one all to herself XD
Oh yeah did i mention in the car I made Syd sit in the middle the whole time? XD
After ice cream we got pizza and went to Hazu's to nom.
Candy came over and we did stuff that I don't remember and had dead baby jokes and stuff.
I think Hazu, Syd and Dana were all like "Wtf you eat pizza with a knife and fork?"
Yeah I do lol.

So Candy, Dana and I were screwing around on Pictochat while Syd and Hazu were watching the Sora show.
The one were Luxord and that other guy dress up as Olete and Namine to find Sora's weakness
After that we screwed around downstairs and I proved that I was seme.
[/i won]
And stuff. Um...then we went home but I did something before leaving


Yeah that's what I did.
Dana's dad drove me home and I like fell asleep in the car with Piggy
"Mr. Mew" from TWEWY in my lap lol
And now I'm home typing this! Yeah...Exciting day no?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh man.

So much has been going on.
Suessical has been seriously stressing me out lately.
Our first show is in 5 days and like...everything is just so tough.
It's like back breaking work.
It's so hard to deal with it.
I still need to go buy gifts and stuff and mothers day is like next week.
I don't even know what the hell I'm gonna do for my mom.
I need to think of something...
I need to go shopping.
I need so much stuff that I'm lacking.
Quizzes in school. Stupid spanish and quadratics.
It's so stressful man. I'm telling you.
Well since the last time I typed I created 2 new vocaloids which you can find on my youtube
one's a male named Kei Yoshiro and the other is a cute girl names Maki Natsuo.
Both are voiced by me. Man wouldn't it be cool if they were featured on wiki on the fan vocaloid site?
haha anyway I'm in my Cake on a plane meeting right now so I g2g bye!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On a lighter note

I spent the night at Pyopyo's house last night and it was awesome ^_^
I didn't get raped as much as I thought I would be and I went to the zoo for the first time 8D
It was tons of fun.
I have an essay due tuesday and I haven't started on it.
I'm thinking about new cosplays and I
Recently found out about Aki-con in washington 8D
I wanna go!
Plus I'm stressing far to much.
I don't have time to be a kid. It's far to trivial.
No time, I always have to think about the future.
Did you know I didn't even have my first kiss yet?
I don't even think I've been on a date yet..
We'll there was that one time I hung out with Tristan at the mall...but was that a date?
I'm not sure. Well it was awkward anyway.
I'm going now. It's midnight bye!

I have to be the best...

I just realised why I've been so stressed out lately.
My own mother just gave me the "Your to frustrated" speech.
Every second of my life.
Everything I do.
I have to be the best at.
I have to try harder then better.
My memory isn't as good as it is anymore and I can't remember anything I did last week.
But my body remembers everything I need like mathematics and stuff.
Sometimes I don't even remember learning how to do an equation but I do it perfectly anyway.
I'm pushing myself to the limit and I know it.
I'll probably die from pushing myself so hard.
I'm always thinking about the future.
I'm only a sophmore and I'm thinking that I need to start thinking about college now.
I need to know where I'm going and how I'm going to get there.
I'm looking at my forecasting sheet and it has incredibly hard classes.
Which I signed up for. I don't know if I can handle it because I have no time to rest anymore with this schedule.
I would be able to graduate my junior year with enough credits but I have a full schedule from now till my senior year.
Think it's to much?
I don't think so.
I don't have time to be a kid. I don't have time to screw off and hang with my friends.
Frankly, I'd rather stay inside and work on extra credit then outside playing with my friends.
I'd rather create a production then go on a date.
I've NEVER...I think...Been on a date in my life.
I can't imagine kissing a boy in my life.
I can't imagine going on a date. I think it would be incredibly awkward.
I love my friends and everything but I don't like things that waste my time.
I hate fooling around and not being productive.
Yet I myself am very lazy....
But still I'm stressing about the future.
I want to be the best. I need to be the best. I have to be the best.
All these hard classes with no time to rest sounds like the best way
that I can ensure that I will do well.
I don't need breaks and with only 4 hours of sleep a day I seem fine.
I'll do alright right?

I don't know anymore...
I was just ranting...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthdays, Modeling, Music OH MY


So I was at the mall yesterday handing out with my friends wearing my Konishi cosplay and this woman comes up to our group and asks to talk with me.
I thought it was weird and she just wanted to ask if i could be a model for her.
So we went to another table and we talk about what I would be modeling.
She told me that she deigns a line of cute leggings and she liked the stockings i was wearing -3-
We exchanged contact info and she told me the models get to keep what they wear and the winner who get's their picture taken the most wins an apple video touch.
I thought that was cool XD
The photoshoots in July and my mom's gonna go with me.
I'm shocked XD I've never been asked to be a model before!

Oh yeah, There was a TWEWY event at the mall yesterday and I was dressed up as Konishi XD
Here's some picture. Konan-chan has more and I'll post them when she uploads them.
Edited by Dana XD
Today I also uploaded 3 new videos and wrote the lyrics to all of it!
It's the Akuno series only on Rin and Len's side though!
Please check out my youtube for them!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh crap!

I haven't posted in a while.
So today we were just working on choreography for the musical
I was texing syd and miky told me to stop texting XD
I'm talking to Syd now~
Riku's a douche gonna kill him for touching what's mine.

Um...Not much.
Well I'm bored!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picnics and music

I'm sooo Happy!
^_^ I got to see Syd yesterday and I took awesome pictures in my Tifa cosplay with Nikki who was cloud.
Here's some pictures
This is a cute photo ^_^ This one wasn't edited and
I like it cause it looks like it would be from the movie too
This one looks like it could be from the movie!
It was so cold and the wind was blowing and messed up my hair XD

Ashiteru, Cloud. This was a cute photo. Cloud kept making kissy faces at me so I tried so hard not to laugh.
This one was cute cause we were walking and holding hands ^_^
This was from the movie and Nikki wanted to do this shot ^_^

ANYWAY so last night I was up until 4 watching anime on Adult swim and I was thinking about Syd and so I wrote a song ^_^

[Original]Everyday - Kotoko1233

I really like this song and I hope to write a guitar or piano background sometime soon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New videos and a surpise~

So you guys know that my youtube got deleted right?
Well I've decided to start uploading more on imeem as well.
Why? Cause Imeem doesn't delete your crap!
So I've uploaded a bunch of videos onto my imeem.
Don't know it?
Now you do 8D
Anyway yup.
I'm actually getting ready right now to surprise my friend at the cosplay picnic that's in like an hour or so ^_^
Her dad is giving me a ride there ^_^
He's so nice.
I'm going as Tifa Lockheart from Advent Children which I finished in only one day!
My mad sewing skills XD
I'll make sure to take pictures!

Friday, March 27, 2009


OMG has it really been 3 days since I last posted? XD
Holy hell.
I don't even know that time passed by so quickly when your doing nothing!
People downstairs and pounding so I think that I'm going to jump up and down just to piss them off 8D
I'm a horrible person I know XD
Well I got my Tifa cosplay done and I can't wait to wear it.
I'm buying black converses from Dana and I hope to get black leather gloves.

I'm so happy cause then I get to see Syd [/starry eyed]
I know I'm a total weirdo XD
I uploaded 3 new videos and I'm about to upload 2 more.
I hope to be doing a duet with Dana as well!
Oh well all in good time!
Spring break is almost over and everytime I get a musical update it's always to late!
URGH pisses me off. ALRIGHT BYE

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yay! Clay and Fabric!

So today I sculpted a Pikachu and a Latios out of COLORED clay!

I also filled my other blog with a whole buncha vocaloid lyrics XD
Today I spent the day sitting on my ass basically XD

I'm about to go to Joanns and get some pleather or something for Tifa.
I need to start working on her if I want to be able to cosplay this Saturday as her XD
I also have to make a black and red Akito jacket for Jay who's paying me so yup...
That's it! XD

Monday, March 23, 2009

Starting over...

Hey guys 8D
Alright so I like...stopped posting for a very long time
but i think I'm gonna try posting everyday now XD
See I'm not the type of person to do something so constant and stuff so
U get distracted easily and i forget things a lot

So um...This morning/last night
I started watching this anime called Kuroshitsuji [aka Black Butler]
And It's pretty freaking awesome
I've noticed in every episode someone dies though...
But still very awesome.

Well I saw a fanmade shugo chara trailer and I thought
So I made one for Kuroshitsuji!
It took me a bit over 6 hours but I love it!

I look forward to giving you guys as much updates as possible!
OH I also got into my school musical Suessical!
I'm in charge of designing the MacBeth dragon into a Seuss fish! XD
It'll be quite a task!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yeah totally...
I was so depressed alllll day!
I just got 300 subscribers and youtube killed me!
I'm not that easy to kill!
I made a new account!
You can find it here 8D



Monday, February 9, 2009

Dreaming little Bird [Practice]

BLAH this is shit XD
Oh well Here you guys go!

Dreaming Little Bird[practice].wav - Kotoko1223

Wednesday, January 7, 2009