Saturday, October 18, 2008

I died o-o

Hey I haven't posted in like years XD
Here's an update on the projects I've done since I've been gone!

Lord of the Flies_-_Simons view.wav - Kotoko1223

This is for the English project. We finished the book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. I had to write a song in about a character. So I chose Simon, who ends up dying at the end of chapter 9. The background I used was the song Akatsuki no Kuruma from Gundam Seed Destiny. I wrote the lyrics in the view of Simon and in the break i used a pitch changer and changed my voice and read the paragraph where he's talking to the pigs head ^_^

Tsubasa na Pleasure Line - Fandub - Kotoko1223

This is Tsubasa wa Pleasure line from Chrono Crusade. I recently got into the anime and I loved the opening so here it is XD

The next projects I will be working on is Inori or You raise me up in Japanese from Romeo x Juliet the anime. As a request from Chibi-chan~ And The 6th ending song to Bleach called My Pace requested from My hubby's rp friends who apparently loves my voice XD