Friday, July 18, 2008

Updates 2 [Day 28]

So much weird shit has happened in the last 16 days...
Well, My birthday just passed and i got a promise ring.

Um...I broke up with Tristain because i felt uncomfortable going out with him...
He's more like a big brother to me then a boyfriend plus there's just to much pressure for me to take right now.
Kumoricon is coming up and I'm just to busy...
It's I went to fubon and got blueberry and Marron? Pocky.
I Had my very first cornet. It wasn't technically chocolate but it was called a French horn apparently.

I heard a rumor about an American death note movie.

People are debating who should play the characters.
Um...I've done some pretty weird things on MSN.
You don't wanna know what. My favorite Yaoi pairing is SaiNaru.
Going to the cosplay picnic...I really need to clean up my room within the week so i can ask my mom if Mandy and Ariel can stay over for the Anime extravagansa!
I worked on a new cosplay. Sai from Naruto. It's almost done. Just some little things.

Hmm Whatelse?
I had a cosplay meet up on the 10th.

There was more people but they went to the movies. After that i went over to Chika's house.
The one with the red/pink hair, until 8 and went home...
Well, I"m going to pass out sometime soon so Good night!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Odd Dream [Day 23]

So I just woke up with the weirdest dream ever!
So I dreamt like my friends and I were the Mystery gang from scooby doo!
I know weird right?
Well, Anyway, and I remember there was Tristain, Thomas, Dan, Miky, Annaliese, Mimi, and I think Tony was there for some reason XD
So here's what I remember from my dream:

So It starts off everyone of us walking through the mall all happy and stuff and apparently we were going to watch a movie in a haunted theater. So I was walking next to Tristan and took his hand. Apparently, Annaliese or Kim saw or someone >> I forgot who it was, It was like Annaliese with Kim's personality o_O.
So anyway! Anna/Kim see us and is like "Hey! She's mine!" And then grabs Tristans other hand. Then Tristain's like "No, she's mine!" Smiles and pulls me closer >///<

So then she comes around the otherside and grabs my hand and we all continue to walk to the haunted theater. At some point she gave up I think because it like skipped forward.
So apparently this haunted theater was right next to mcdonalds...
So everyone went inside and Tristain and I went on ahead XD
Inside it was really cool. It didn't look like a hunted theater at all.
We walked in and we saw like a jewerly store befor going in. So, Tristain walks over and looks at a random ring and shows a matching pair for me but I didn't like it. So I talked to the girl standing there is she could show me the purple heart ring that was in the display box, but she just said that it was just a jewel and not a ring.

I was emberrased and I pulled tristan into the theater where there was another jewerly thing.
Inside it looked like a regular haunted room, cept this one had a screen. There were like spider webs and dust, dust sheets covering the couch, and just like you're regular spooky room.
Walking in I drag my backpack? Or some kind of bad to the otherside of the couch, and He sits down on it and pulls out a bag of food xD [Maybe I was hungry?]

Anyway, So at this point everyone comes in with McDonalds right after that and I tell them that I'm going to go get something, and Tristain rants about how Fortune Cookies are like the meaning of the world or something... So I go back out and i see like a concession stand but the girl is about to leave so I don't bother. I go to the one out front where I see like a couple people there. Like this really weird dressed Harujuku tough boy, a lady, and some other dude. Oh the concession stand lady was there too. I think the lady was old too., or maybe not.

Apparently though, the boy and the other man were at the register and arguing about something. It was going to get real nasty too. The Harujuku boy was going to kill the man so I unloaded a kick to his ribcage and it was really cool. I like sent him flying to the wall near a trash can. Then the old/lady defended him! She was like infront of him with her arms out and protecting him. The boy left so it was all good.
Suddenly, the theater concession stand turned into like a shopping thing! You know with the food all lined out and whatnot. So I figured I should grab something for everyone. So I got like one of those party gigantic grab bags that have many flavors in it? Well, I grabbed one of those but it was cheetos XD

So after chatting with the cashier about like how I'm going to get this in the room or something I went back to the group or my friends holding this giganit bag in my arms. Everyone was like watching the movie but then it ended! I missed the whole thing!!! No lights came on but then like I went over to Tristan and suddenly we changed into the Scooby gang or something! Honestly!

Everyone started looking around and stuff. And when I say we turn into the Mystery gang, I mean like face and personlaity! My friends aren't even there at the moment. So Shaggy [XD] Gets spooked by something in the corner. I remember him saying. "He is this where the manager haunts." and then like a head pops out from the desk and says "Yes." We all laugh and the ghost too. But then we walk out from the door and everything is different.

It's like the gang was outside a said haunted house. Outside, to the right of the house if you were looking at it, was a chain fenced road with like gardens in the fences, and I don't know what was to the left.

But, so Velma opened the door quietly and walked in inspecting the living room, Freddy went upstairs, and daphny I donno, and Shaggy and Scooby went to the kithcen. Then it turned suddenly into like a commercial! It was all like "Freddy always has to inspect something" and he like smiled to a camera. Then it moved to velma and it was all like "Velma always says Jinkies!" and she says it all like shrug and happy. We don't care about daphny so the thingy didn't bother. then it went to Shaggy and Scooby and it said. "Shaggy and Scooby always eats." and then they said "What are you gonna do about it?"

Then a ghost popped up out of no where for everyone and they all ran out. Then we suddenly changed back! Everyone became my friends as soon as gang walked out of the door! Okay, so at the moment my friends and I were on the spooky road and Thomas, Tony, Dan and I were making like a horse or something for our getaway. So Thomas was facing like the house, Our arms were like interlocked so I could put my feet up on dan and dan did the reverse with Tony. It was really funny. So we all began to run and they let go at some point and start laughing at us because they magically started to piggy back ride and we were running in a weird way...

So then I tell Thomas and he stops. At somepoint the sun began to rise and it was sunny and happy now. Thomas goes back and starts to race with Miky from behind and they pass me, that I can't even catch up. So, then they turn the corner and I follow. And that's then I wake up XD
I hope you enjoyed that! Bye Bye now! I have to take a shower ><