Monday, June 30, 2008

Being gone [Day 22]

Hola guys!
I'm back after 9 days of non-posting!
OKAY! So I went to the doctors office on Friday.
I found out that Uwajimiya was right next to my doctors office!
I went in there and got brazilian pudding pocky and Hello kitty Pocky
I got Hello Kitty Ramune pocky also!
It was fun, Cloe, my niece, we played rockband for a lot of times.
We seemed to getting us closer.

I think my cousin Terresa still hates me though.
We went to the beach yesterday, Lincoln Beach, we meant to go to Seaside but we got lost o.O
Anyway! My niece is leaving today and i'll probably see her again tonight before she goes.
I worked on my cosplay like for a day and finished most of it.
Pretty fun, I might be doing another commission for someone on Kumoricon forums
But that means more sewing for me.
Megan still hasn't e-mailed me about her commission so whatever.

I need to go to wig land soon and get some wigs.
I went to a park party, lotsa people were there.
Jasmine and Chris, Tony, Robert, Thomas, Dan, and Vanessa was there.
Oh so was Thomas's little sister.
In the end we ditched everyone else, [Thomas, his sister, Dan and I] and went over to Thomas's house to play brawl. I totally beat Dan and Thomas. We teamed up, Thomas and ,I to kill Dan, in the game of course, and we beat him. I like Pit, he's a cool character XD Then I left and that's basically what happened on the 9 day's I was gone...

Cloe's birthday is on the 8th of July.
Tristain is coming back on the 11th.
Corena's is on the 20th.
The meet up is on the 26th.
and the FYE cosplay contest is on the 27th.
Busy month!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun stuff [Day 21]

This is a quick cover up for my last post cause it was emberrasing... I got giant Chocky today at Fubon
I ate daifuku from fubon
I got banana pocky at fubon
I got milk pocky at fubon
and a very cute thingy called Kancho.
Lemme I didn't to much yesterday...
Today i went to fubon and I got an onigiri shaper and it's those triangle ones too!
^_^ I'm so happy, I'm totally going bringing my lunch on the first day of school!
Well...hmm...let me see....This morning I will make A chocolate cornet and beat Thomas!
He's going down! We decided to see who will taste a choco cornet first!
If you don't know what thay is...Shame on you!
GOOGLE IT! It's in lucky star often!

So hm...I plan on doing nothing today...
Sunday I'll be going to wig world/land to buy like 5 wigs for cosplays
Apparently, I'll have to switch in between cosplays for the Kumoricon.
I'm taking a ride with Jacob since he's going like everyday also!
Hm...I'll have to carry some stuff or like stick it in Percila's hotel room or something XD
I plan to spend a total or ~$100 for all the wigs...
OH YEAH! Today I also got my report card...
I'm happy! I got $50 and my mom said she was gonna buy all my wigs...

Tristan is in China at da moment and I misses him!
Anna bothered me today about a book for her big brother Josh XD
She wanted me to come up for a title...we said it would be "My big brother" ><
Well, I'm hungry and bored! SEE YOU LATER!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Updates! [Day 20]

Hey guys! I'm back after 3 days!
So hmm....I have pictures!
This is Tristan my new boyfriend! Which I'm very happy about! I snapped a picture of him in the car the day I spent over at his house! XD
This was from the mom put veggies in a hot cup of water to warm them up...O_o
This is the almighty cupcake from fathersday! I didn't eat the icing though....I was to full >< Tristan and I went to the mall wednesday and I got green tea frozen tasked like green tea mochi...I LOVED IT! It's like my second favorite place now...My favorite place is still Tea/Bubble Time/Tea. It has two names...
I went to work with my mom on wednesday also, I made this after we went to Jo ann's after going to the mall. I made it with red and black felt!
Total cost: 50 cents.
Time it took: 10 min.
Awesomeness level?: Unexplainable XD
It was pretty awesome. It's for my Haruhi cosplay!
Well, not much to say...I spent all day on the computer today
....uh.....That's it....Pretty bored....
Tristan went to Korea yesterday's so I misses him already!
I hope he's having fun though!
>> I'm kinda nervous about going out with him.
It's so embarassing!! >///<>
It's hard to explain I guess...
[GASP!] I forgot to tell you, I've never had my first kiss ^///^
It's embrarrasing to admit even though I'm in High School now...
Even Mushi said it was weird! Well, What does he know!
He's a stupid junior anyway...all though his sword skills are amazing XD
He's Mushi Mushi...that's why...
Well! I'm gonna go take a shower!
I'm going to wig world on Sunday I'm going to buy like 3-4 wigs for cosplay
Estimated amount to spend?: ~$50-$100 XD
I'm a freaking dedicated cosplayer! BELIEVE IT!
Waterfront picnic on the 26th of July.
I'm planning on going Karaoking!
Well-I REALLY need to go now!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and Visiting time [Day 19]

So basically for father's day we all went out to eat at this buffet.
I took pictures but that's for another time XD
So after that we got home and I walked my cat which is talking very loudly at the moment...
We went for a run and my brother showed me a few kicks that he learned...
They're far to easy for me though so I didn't bother after that.
We played some basketball and he did some weird stick twirling training thing ><
So today I woke up to my step-father barging in my room to wash his hands....
Akward...but he was really loud I wanted to yell at him.
I called my mom and she said my little cousin Cloe was comming.
She's in california at the moment but will be here with my other cousin
Terresa by the evening.
I heard she's been up to no good, and cloe and I haven't been on the best terms.
When we were little she used to pick on me all the time and I'm like 3 year's
OLDER than she is! Ridiculous!
So I'm waiting to see her again...maybe she's changed who knows.
I know I have changed quiet a bit.
My brother tried to make fried rice but failed... XD
Well, Not much to say. I have to get back to cleaning!
I'll have to like make another video. Interesting stuff
has happened and I'm waiting for
Tristan to go to Korea! I'm gonna tell him to get me something XD
Ahhh!!!! My brother is playing spanish techo!!
Bye Bye for now!~ ^_~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Circle lens + Kipi fun! [Day 18]

So today I joined a Kipi fansite!
Who's Kipi? Only the greatest and prettiest cosplayer ever!
She's so cool! The best!
Well, I've discovered the secret to awesome eyes!
Circle lenses!

They are contact lenses that englarge the view of eyes
and have a black ring on the outside.
I believe that's what it is XD
Well, I might order them but I've heard you can only get them in Asia.
T_T So sad

They are expensive though and I don't know if I should get them...
But anyway I missed pocky club today though T_T
Made me super sad!!
But I'm learning the guitar so it's all good!
So yeah, not much today went swimming...
So yeah...I should go to wig world soon
Here's my cosplay picture!

That's it XD BYE BYE!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Exciting day of cooking! [Day 17]

Okay so I came home just about 30 minutes ago from an exciting day at Tristan's House.
Well I'm not going to get into that!
So what happened was he called me at like 11:30
when I was sleeping and I woke up around 2:30
So I called him back then I took a shower and he called me and I called him...
Just that whole calling back and forth thing.
So the thing was that he wanted me to come over to
make like cookies have dinner and watch Docter Who!
Which is like the best thing ever!
So I called up my mother and she let me go then his mom picked me up and we went to the mall to get Cody.
His little brother who was in Barns&Nobels.
He bought a book and went to their house.
I helped carry up hay and I got a splinter T_T
It didn't hurt to much but I just noticed it like 30 minutes later XD
So after looking through year books for some reason Tristan
was hungry so we decided to make Onigiri!
I forgot to take pictures but we put ham in the middle for filling ><
And then we made those like sandwhich cookies but
we didn't have any grandulated sugar
So we went over to the neighbors and
asked for a cup of sugar XD [Typical neighbor thing to do!]
So we made our cookies and Onigiri and then we played Wii fit after picking on cody for a bit
Oh and his sisters came over for a visit and they had very INTERESTING stories!
One was a musician but they call her a bum since she moves from place to place
and live with other people
Another is a Teacher Assistant that works in a Holocaust movie class thing...I Think.
ANYWAY! Today I finally played brawl which was fun!
I beat Tristan a couple times but only because I think he was being easy! XD
So, after that Cody was cleaning for dinner because he left dinner without being excused.
And we all went downstairs to watch Docter Who.
But before that for dessert we had the cookie sandwhiches we made and I mad Chi-Chi.
Everyone loved it and they wanted the recipe >///<
So while we were watching Dr. Who what happened was
I got cold so I stole a blanket from somewhere and used Tristan as a leg rest.
We were sitting on the love seat so it was just the
two of us and my legs reached all the way across perfectly XD
[Me and My shortness!]
So we all watched Dr. Who for an hour and had a few laughs
The show was The unicorn theif and the wasp.
It was very funny and I loved it!
After that Tristan's Dad drove me home and we were sitting in the back seat.
I snapped a picture of him then since I forgot to take pictures XD
It was out of focus since I couldn't see in the dark car.
Gosh, I feel like a loser >///<
And that's where I got home. We said good bye and I came inside.
I had a conversation with my mom, had some Chi-Chi
That I made the other night and here I am typing!
That's it! I hope this was exciting for you as it was for me!
Oh I forgot to mention his whole family LOVES me!
They do! I'm like family now but I've only been over like twice and I met them all 3 times.
His sisters even love me and this was the first time I met them!
I'm so happy and excited! They're going to Korea wednesday and won't get back till July 11th.
Which is a couple day's before my birthday and I said we were going Karaoking!
It'll be fun! Thanks for reading! BYE BYE!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Umbrella? [Day 16?]

Yo Everyone!
Schools finally out!
Now that's over with! Let me explain to you what's going on!
I'm going to tell my mother about Pocky Club meeting on June 14
Which is in 2 days... T_T

I need to tell her soon...I don't even know where it's going to be...Might be a problem...
Uh...I'm trying to learn Umbrella on the Acoustic Guitar but failing misurably...
My brains gone bassically to mush the day after school get's out for summer and...
I really can't think.
My firend asked me to do a cosplay commission for them so I'm pretty excited...

Well....That's it...basially....Bye...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1 Day of school left! [Day 15]

Alright guy's I'm back! Now as you know my long time of absince is nothing to be amazed by...
Or kill me for but there's only one more day of school left.
This week I've been mega busy!
We've been working on this stupid project that I'm so glad is over now!
School's out tomorrow and today only two or three people cosplayed.
You see my firends and I have been planning to cosplay for the last day of school and yesterday and saterday I've been working on my Haruhi cosplay!
Anyway, I was planning on going as Haruhi tomorrow also
Since I did today! And this girl hugged me because I was cosplaying as Haruhi and she thought I was awesome too!
Yes I know I'm getting a big head but I can't help it!!
So updates about Kumoricon!
I'm not going to do the dance contest because it's so much work for me.
I AM going to be joining the Anime Cosplay Chess thing!
I will be in photoshoots!
I might be planning to go as either Konata for my last day at Kumoricon or Hunny from
Ouran High School Host club...or Someday I'm not sure!
Still deciding!
But I'm definetly going as Haruhi or Yuki, depending on if I want a wig or not.
And Rin Kagamine. I really hope to actually get contacts.
Colored ones and clear ones.
I already have brown eyes so I could wear clear one's for Haruhi and Blue one's for Rin.
But I'm so afraid of contacts! They scare me!! I can't imagine putting them in!
I'm also gonna be in a Haruhi skit the day before Kumoricon starts so I donno.
Also plans are being made to go Ice skating in cosplay, and picnics and stuff!
My vocaloid group which is almost complete will possible compeating in the Cosplay Skit contest!
YES! That's correct! We NEED a LEN KAGAMINE, NERU, MEIKO, and HAKU!!
E-mail me here:
No junk please but I do like meeting new people!
I call for All vocaloid cosplays to meet at Kumoricon!!!
Thanks for reading another rediculously long rant!
I'll try to take pictures for you!
ALSO! On my youtube account: Kotoko1223 there is a tutorial, step-by-step direction on how to make a sailor fuku collar for any cosplay!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OMG 1 week of school left! [Day 14]

Okay so there's only one week of school left for me. I get out on June 11th! Yes!
Anyway! An update!
I had my vocal concert tonight and I thought it sucked!
I'll upload video's from the concert this weekend!
Uh, Last friday i went shopping for both my step-brother and cousin terresa's birthday.
Nikko's on the 31st and my cousins is June 2nd.
On the Saterday of my brother's b-day I spent the day helping my aunt cook for my cousin's party.
Which also happened to be that same day because she's leaving for california on Thrusday!
T_T oh well. Sunday didn't do anything.
I got Nikko a pc shooting game for like $10 at game stop
and spent like $25 on my cousin for a t-shirt of Paris from Fuego...Yeah I know...
On Monday, My aunt, two cousins [Amy + Terresa], my mother and I
went out to dinner at a resturaunt called The Ram.
It's right here at the mall on Sunnyside that they just built.
They make their own beer at the resturaunt....
At school on monday we recived a new case. It to figure out a stupid theft senerio that the teachers set up. It's stupid...I'm trying to decode this ransom note but it's vertually impossible!
Oh yeah! This or last weekend or something I meet some interesing people on
Very interesting indeed. I like talking to them and some of them I gave my phone number too
but I made ssure they weren't creepo's first....
Today, I had a concert. It was fun. First I walked home with Tristan.
He lived like on this freakishly large hill that we had to climb...
I thought I was going to die!!!
It was sooo steep it was almost impossible to walk...
And plus my backpack weighted like a million pounds!
So, after going to his house we were walking back to school.
Randy another buddy was supposed to come with us, we forgot about him...
Then we had to go back and get him but he wasn't there...
We were walking on Sunnyside to go to my house to drop off my school stuff cause it
still weighed a million pounds....
at the lamp thing we saw Randy!
He was hiding behing a pole and it was funny.
After dropping off my stuff we walked to safeway where we saw Brandon
different Brandon and we ate and chatted.
Then we walked to school and had the concert...
and that's everything up until now!
I'll try not to dump so much on you guys again XD
Thanks for reading this freakishly long post!
p.s: I think on the last day of school all my friends and I are gonna cosplay and just go to school like that! XD
Who do you think I should go as? Should we do it? XD