Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oops...[Day 3]

Yo! Welcome back! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday...
I was...sleeping...all day...So yeah.
But today! I got a new camera! A FujiFilm~!
It's blue and awsome~! [That's why this post is blue!]
Tomorrow is school and the pool [possibly...Not sure],
for P.E.! I'm so excited!
I'll take tons of pictures and stuff and posty posty!!
Just you wait! We'll have so much fun! Stay kept up okay!!!
I'm also posting some of my drawings on my deviantart account today also!
Deviantart account: Sugarlat

Friday, March 28, 2008

Weather? Day 2

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
Hello~! I'm so glad your back!!!
Today wasn't very exciting...T_T the weather was kind of weird.
This morning it was snowing and then it stopped and then it rained...
And then It rained with some snow...and now it's sunny...
Pretty Crazy....
My friend in Florida broke up with my other friend...So sad >,<
I'm going to get a new camera soon~! I hope to fill this blog with so many things!
OH NO~! It's cloudy again...
Ow my foot...I ran into something while walking around >,<;
Wow...It's snowing again...I'd take a picture but my mother took my camera...
I give up...I'm going to go make cookies....
(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hello! Day 1

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ
I'm glad that you all are now reading my new blog! I'm so happy!
I can't wait to start filling this up with so many memories~!

Oh yeah! I put up 3 new video's on my youtube today! It was really fun! It's so much fun! I made it at like 12 in the morning so I was really bored.
Tomorrow I'm going to work so I can finish my Haruhi Cosplay. The skirt is getting finished tomorrow hopefully... Eitherway, I'm very glad you all have joined me! Please continue reading on in the future!